[Proposal] Incentivizing Galxe Passport Use and Implementing Loyalty Points in the Galxe Community Space


This proposal suggests incentivizing the wider use of the Galxe Passport within the Galxe Community Space and the introduction of a loyalty point threshold for reward allocation. I propose a two-fold approach: (1) Implementing benefits for Galxe Passport holders to encourage its usage without making it a requirement for participation, and (2) introducing a point threshold to ensure only the truly loyal users are rewarded, thereby reducing the impact of Sybil attacks. This proposal also suggests launching a loyalty point campaign targeting specific groups of token and NFT holders.


The Galxe Passport has the potential to play a pivotal role in enhancing user experience, security, and identity management within the Galxe ecosystem. Incentivizing its use can ensure more robust interaction and engagement within the Community Space. Additionally, introducing a loyalty point threshold for reward allocation will ensure that the most dedicated and engaged members of the community are rewarded, helping to foster a more active and committed user base.


  1. Incentivizing Galxe Passport Usage

Galxe Passport holders participating in the Community Space will receive additional benefits. These benefits could include extra loyalty points. This approach promotes the usage of Galxe Passport while ensuring that it is not a prerequisite for Community Space participation.

  1. Introduction of Loyalty Point Threshold

To ensure that rewards are allocated to truly loyal users, I suggest to introduced a point threshold. Users must accumulate a minimum number of loyalty points to qualify for rewards. This system will help minimize the impact of Sybil attacks and ensure that the reward system is fair and incentivizes true engagement.

  1. Launching Loyalty Point Campaigns

I propose launching specific loyalty point campaigns targeting:

  • Holders of $50 or more $GAL tokens,
  • Galxe Girl and Galxe Boy holders,
  • Cowboy NFT holders,
  • Shadow Coder holders.
    These campaigns will reward really loyal users who joined the projects at an early stage.

Success Criteria

The success of this proposal would be measured by:

The increase in Galxe Passport usage within the Community Space,
The growth of truly engaged and active users reflected in loyalty points,
The successful launch and participation in the proposed loyalty point campaigns.

The implementation of these initiatives should be possible without a increase in budget as they mostly involve adjustments to the existing system.


This proposal aims to enhance the Galxe Community Space by promoting Galxe Passport usage and introducing a more refined reward allocation system. I believe these changes will create a more engaging, fair, and secure community environment.


This is a good proposal about the wider adoption and incentivization for holding the Galxe Passport.
However, a few review i submit thus:

  1. Galxe Passport is now mintable by atleast 10 MATIC + gas fee cost. Thus, introducing a campaign or campaigns which encourage(s) the minting of more Galxe passport will means increased flow and generation of income to the DAO treasury which of course offset the cost of funding campaigns in form of rewards.

  2. The Galxe Passport should be made a COMPULSORY requirement for CERTAIN high rewarding tasks which ladt over a long time frame. This will help to realised the last goal stated in [1] above while the time factor helps to encourage more participation and fair chance to ALL NEW AND OLD Astronauts.

  3. There should be cintinuation of more campaigns in their present requirements firmat as obtainabke now with minimal Passport COMPULSORY campagins. This will ensure that balance is maintained between income generation, Galxe passport wide spread adoption and flexibility for all community members.

  4. Shadow Coder, Cowboy NFT, Galxe Boy, Galxe Girl… holders are specific role based achievements from campaigns that wont repeat again and perhaps, thise roles and reward not issued to new members again. Again, lets not forget that for events which led to rewards like Galxe Boy, Galx Girl roles, there were benefits and rewads which participants shared during those events. The NFTs serve as prove and memoires for being a participant and by extension who also git the rewards that were issued then. Initiating soecific campaigns now to reward those few specific holders is a cheat to new members and will introduce a system of constantly holding specific role rewarding events so as to compensate everyone everytime. Again, this point is not so bad, but it will not yield an overall large benefit for the entire community. But a Galxe Passport holders targeted campaigns will boost community growth, intrisincally and financially for the team too.

This is my humble submission to bring us up to speed while giving consideration to the types of events we initiate for the betterment of the Galxe Community. 》 Review by @brownPinkWater#1954《


Great Plan! Really enjoyed reading it!


I think that allowing users to collect Loyalty Points for Hold OG nft is not a bad idea, there is a reason why Loyalty points called “Loyalty”


Great advice. really cool


I am in favor of the proposal.
However, I have some concerns with the requirement to hold tokens or NFTs.

Many users have their assets exception of SBT spread across multiple wallets.
so having all the assets in a galxe account increases the risk of hacking.
Therefore, some means of delegation needs to be integrated into galxe and provided.


totally agree with this i really love your proposal


Good proposal.

  1. Passport extra points - Nice
  2. Threshold - Nice. Proper threshold is something around 100-200, I think
  3. OG nft and Gal token holders - Nice, but it should be only retro snapshot and amount of Gal tokens should be higher, for example $100.

Just my thoughts))


I largely support this proposal.

  1. The utility of the Galxe Passport is increasing, which consequently raises the need to own it. This, in turn, affects the number of document-verified users, which will have a positive impact on the fairness and integrity of participation in giveaways and various campaigns for Passport owners.
  2. The loyalty system should be continuously improved to become a goal-achieving tool that cannot be compromised in the end.
  3. Regarding the presence of GAL tokens in the balance: it may be necessary to weigh the pros and cons regarding the amount. It may be difficult for most people to consistently maintain a balance of 50 tokens.

In general, the proposal is worthy of support and attention. And in the future, it holds potential for implementation!


It’s a great idea and I totally agree with it!


this is a great proposal sir, will sure add more challenge to those planning to game the campaigns,.

those are also really good points,

will the token req. on Eth Chain??


good idea, keep going


Great advice. really cool


I absolutely agree with your observation on the growing utility of the Galxe Passport and its potential to enhance fairness and participation integrity in campaigns and giveaways. The aim of the Passport is indeed to build a community that values engagement, integrity, and respects each member’s contributions.

Your point about the $50 GAL balance requirement is very important. The initial idea was to set a bar that motivates active engagement and loyalty to the Galxe ecosystem. Yet, it’s crucial to ensure this bar is achievable and inclusive for most users.


I’m glad you see value in the additional points for Passport holders and the introduction of a threshold. Your suggestion of a 100-200 point range for the threshold sounds quite reasonable and is definitely worth considering as it could strike a good balance between encouraging active participation and maintaining inclusivity.

Regarding the loyalty point campaigns for OG NFT and GAL token holders, I appreciate your input about considering a retro snapshot and adjusting the required amount of GAL tokens to $100. While it’s crucial to ensure we don’t exclude smaller holders, your suggestion could indeed help to reward more substantial and long-term commitment to the Galxe ecosystem.


Thank you for your comprehensive feedback on the proposal.

I completely agree with you about the potential benefits of increasing Galxe Passport adoption, particularly from the standpoint of income generation for the DAO treasury.

Your suggestion to make the Galxe Passport a compulsory requirement for certain high-reward, long-duration tasks is intriguing. It would indeed drive wider Passport adoption, ensure fair participation opportunities for both new and old astronauts, and possibly contribute to the DAO treasury.

Your insights on maintaining a balance between Passport-compulsory campaigns and flexible requirements also align with the intention to promote inclusivity within the community.

Your point about campaigns specifically targeting holders of Shadow Coder, Cowboy NFT, Galxe Boy, and Galxe Girl is well-taken. While recognizing past achievements is important, it’s essential to ensure fairness to all members, including those who recently joined.

It’s clear that your suggestions aim to maximize community growth and financial benefits, and I appreciate your thoughtful approach to this proposal. Your input certainly contributes to the further refinement of the proposal, ensuring it serves the best interests of the Galxe community. Thanks again for your valuable insights!


This proposal is great, it will give Galxe early supporters more motivation to strengthen the community, and more members will cast Galxe Passpor


sir, I can only agree with your proposal … I would just raise from 50 to 100 USD, thank you


Some users are already inactive, so just having an OG NFT Can’t really say it’s active user.
I think it would be reasonable to judge whether they are active or not by the number of campaigns completed.


Appreciated for your feedback!