Category Topics

General Discussions

General discussions about Galxe. This is a place for community members to share their thoughts, ideas, and feedback about Galxe and its vision.

DAO Governance

This category is intended for discussions and proposals related to the decision-making process of the Galxe DAO.

Ideas & Suggestions

This is a place for users to suggest new features, improvements, or changes to Galxe, and for other community members to provide feedback and support for those ideas.

Developers & Contributors

This category is dedicated for developers and contributors to discuss and share their work related to Galxe, collaborate on projects, and share their knowledge and experience with the community.

Multilingual Discussions

This category allows our multilingual community to create posts and discussions in non-English languages. Users can post and share in their preferred languages, ask questions and receive answers and collaborate with other community members in their own languages.