Galxe KOL Network 2024 Budget Proposal


Galxe, the leading platform for building web3 communities, aims to expand its audience reach and establish a more dominant presence on various social media channels. Implementing a KOL (Key Opinion Leader) Network program is pivotal to this strategy. This proposal delineates a comprehensive plan to integrate KOLs into the Galxe ecosystem, thereby amplifying our digital footprint and forging robust connections with industry influencers.


Galxe faces several challenges:

  1. Limited Visibility: Galxe’s current visibility on digital platforms, including social media, is limited.
  2. Underutilized KOL Engagement: There is an untapped potential in leveraging KOLs to augment the platform’s user base, as well as amplify brand recognition and value.
  3. Content Quality: The educational material related to Galxe requires enhancement to engage better and attract users.
  4. Regional Outreach: Areas like Korea, Japan, Turkey, and Vietnam, known for their robust crypto communities and trading activities, are yet to fully engage with Galxe.

To address these challenges, we propose to allocate a budget from the treasury to grow the Galxe KOL Network. This program aims to attract renowned KOLs in the Web3 and cryptocurrency space to join Galxe, create content, and promote the platform & brand through their social media channels. We will engage KOLs with a substantial following and an organic, active community, ensuring their content aligns with our brand vision and values.



The general goal of the program is to invite more KOLs into Galxe’s network to have a better social media impact with more quality content generated, and build a firm relationship with different talent in the space.

  • Establish a stronger presence of Galxe platform & brand.
  • Establish a network of KOLs that speak for Galxe, its core vision and values.
  • Highlight key Galxe campaigns, important updates and news to a broader audience to ensure maximum exposure.
  • Generate and share comprehensive educational content about Galxe to increase user knowledge.


The project team will oversee the operational processes to guarantee the KOL Network program’s quality and efficiency.

  1. Research and identify key KOLs with a minimum of 10K followers with a sufficiently active, organic community and consistent impressions on their social media channels.
  2. Contact and negotiate with KOLs to join thr Galxe KOL Network, outlining the terms, requirements and benefits.
  3. Have Guidelines and Agreements for KOLs to ensure a clear collaboration.
  4. Collaborate with KOLs to create high-quality content that promotes Galxe brand, platform and its unique features.
  5. The KOLs will share this content across their social media platforms and promote Galxe within their community.
  6. Maintain ongoing communication with KOLs, ensuring they have all the resources needed to succeed during the program.
  7. Continuous monitoring of content to maintain quality, frequency and compliance with any regulations.
  8. Provide transparent bi-monthly reports to the community regarding the performance of the Galxe KOL Network - number of impressions, content, and clicks.

The budget will be allocated for the following:

  • Cover the costs of various KOL benefits that are included in the Galxe KOL Network (as explained in this blog post).
  • In specific cases, the funds will be used as compensation for collaboration with select KOLs.

Success Criteria

Below are the key success criteria that this budget proposal will aim to achieve:

  1. KOL Network Expansion: Establish a network of over 100 KOLs by end of 2024.
  2. Boosted Brand Visibility: Significant increase in social media presence and reach a total of over 25 million impressions across various KOL social media channels (Twitter, Telegram, Youtube) by the end of 2024.
  3. Increased Platform Users: Ample growth of daily active users, active spaces, and campaigns on the Galxe platform.
  4. Community Expansion: A surge in new users, potential contributors, developers, and partners to the Galxe ecosystem.
  5. Increased KOL spaces on Galxe: The KOLs will have their own spaces to launch campaigns for their own communities, driving more users to the Galxe platform and Galxe social channels.
  6. Sustainable Relationships: Establishing lasting relationships with influencers for future collaborations.


The Galxe KOL Network initiative has already commenced, and the requested budget will start being utilized in January of 2024. Key milestones involve KOL selection, outreach, content production, and promotional initiatives.


We are requesting 500,000 GAL tokens from the DAO treasury to fund the Galxe KOL Network budget for 2024. This budget will encompass various KOL benefits, such as campaign rewards, referral incentives, and program payments.

  • KOL Rewards and Incentives: For campaign participation and referrals.
  • Compensation: In line with negotiated terms, if applicable.


The Galxe KOL Network is instrumental in amplifying Galxe’s market presence, attracting a significant surge in new user growth, supercharging the growth of the Galxe ecosystem, and making Galxe one of the most well-known brands in the space in multiple regions. By collaborating with influential figures in the Web3 and cryptocurrency sectors to significantly elevate our social media influence and user engagement, we can achieve the aforementioned success criteria, and more. The allocated 500,000 GAL token budget will be pivotal in realizing these objectives, and steer Galxe towards a more prominent and strong position in this growing industry.


Galxe KOL Network Blog Post -


Great proposal! Everything that can make Galxe the best web3 community must certainly be supported.


galxe needs to
1- make faster ticket response regarding the website issues.
2- fix the website and make it lighter , open on tab and whole explorer freeze and 90% of ram occupied !
3- i dont think there is Limited Visibility, galxe is well known almost to everyone doing web3 quests.
4- i agree on improving educational material concept , specially in local languages that are not "machine translated "

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Improve the platform while expanding, many of us are disappointed. Tasks that are not updated etc… I support the project! thanks

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Definitely increase the season rewards.
There are problems with the site system stability.
Sometimes the site gives a warning that there is insufficient RAM.
These are what come to my mind for now.
thanks. We are a beautiful community.

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this is a lovely innovation…galxe is doing great

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I believe that the Galxe brand is already quite recognizable. But before introducing something new, it is necessary to debug the existing one to perfection. Because there are a lot of problems with the platform, and something constantly doesn’t work. I support the team in all endeavors, but you shouldn’t scatter yourself with everything, it’s better to focus on one task and complete it. Otherwise, the platform will lose users due to the fact that something is constantly not working.

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I think that with this important offer, the Galxe KOL Network will grow and the community will connect to the project with more excitement. May it be good for our community.

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A good step for the future.

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i love this, let go Galxe

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Improving the site’s performance could help attract more users and make the current ones happier. Maybe it’d be smart to fix these things before going all-out to bring in more people.Perhaps we can consider a phased approach, simultaneously improving the site while gradually expanding our audience, ensuring a smoother experience for both existing and new users. but overall The proposal demonstrates a well-thought-out plan to involve influencers, which could greatly benefit Galxe

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buen fondo de premios!!!

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The idea is interesting, but only time will tell how everything will be implemented. At the moment, Gal has so many problems with the site itself and large lags. Is it possible to first fix everything on the site and then do something new?

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It’s great to see change and innovation on the basis of great development and foundation.I got your back.I support and support the Galxe, which runs hard with a sense of community. Thank you.

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Good oppotunity for KOLs. Agree!

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It’s good to expand Galxe’s position, but I think it’s also important to emphasize its specialness.

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I agree with this proposal to make Galxe more widespread.

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I agree with these other suggestions:
In addition to focusing on negotiating with KOLs to join the Galxe KOL Network, the project should also have certain benefits for loyal users of the network.
All users who are engaged and maintain effective operations on the project are also contributing to promoting the brand, the Galxe platform and its unique features.
Building a sustainable, long-term-oriented web3 Galxe community that competes with other projects.

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I agree with this proposal to make Galxe more widespread!

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Great proposal! this is a lovely innovation…galxe is doing great. A good step for the future.

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