Where are you from guys?

Hey everyone! I am from Latvia and now live in Spain. And you?


Am from Nigeria, you are welcome.



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You all live in different places. I live in Japan.

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I am from Nigeria guys.


I am from Nigeria guys and you

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Indonesian guys …
nice too meet all

Im from Philippines hello everyone

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I am from Iran, birjand city.

I’m from Nigeria, a country full of potentials.

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i from taiwan , nice too meet all guys

hi~ i am from taiwan

I am from Nigeria :nigeria: and nice to meet you all

Nice to meet you Niaja peeps here, how do you get the A+ any idea?

Am from Nigeria Abuja from Africa :earth_africa:

I am from Việt Nam. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I am from south korea

I’m from Spain, I hope you like it.

Imagino que hablas el idioma así que también te pongo algo en castellano :wink:
Habrás vivido en Valencia una de nuestras fiestas más emblemáticas, las fallas!!

I’m chatting from Nigeria

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out of matrix my friend

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