What do you feel about the future of galxe passport id? i mean in 1 year later

what do you feel about the future of galxe passport id? i mean in 1 year later


i think its one of the powerfull project in this area


well. i think so. i see the future that everyone need a galaxe passport for his/her privacy in the internet


the project is cool and all that, but I really didn’t see much benefit from the fact that I have it :frowning:


love Galxe! ITs a wonderful tool to interact with web3 project! keep going!

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It will be helpful, because everyone needs it, In terms of security aspect.

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I like the look of the passport
I believe it will be so helpful

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I’ve been here since the project was named Galaxy Project, and Passport ID was FREE.

I think the KYC that they made you complete for the Passport is the strong part of the project.

On the other hand, Trantor project launched Membership Card that is upgradeable, and this is it’s strong part.

Every task I do in a Campaign, even if I do just 1 task from 5, it adds up to my Membership Card and it upgrades it, so I actually can see how my points are “helping me” not unlike Galxe where the points don’t adds up globaly only separate on individual project’s leaderboards.

On GALXE I feel I am trying to work for the individual project and their leaderboards not for GALXE.

In the end, no one is stupid, almost everyone does these tasks because it hopes someday somehow they will matter and Trantor for example has not token yet, so seeing all my points centralized on an Membership, upgradeable card makes me feel a lot better in comparasion with GALXE.

I am saying all this as Galxe was my first project in the space or so to speak “my first love” and I wish they have the Passport “evolving” somehow.

I wish I feel the fact that I did an KYC matters more versus similar projects that don’t have KYC required.

It actually solves the issues of sybils to an extent and so it’s a good step towards asset exploitation.

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the added security is great :slight_smile:

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I think it’s very cool and very secure