Welcome back to Season 4 of Galxe Community Space!

Get ready to embark on an eight-week adventure filled with exciting campaigns and enticing rewards! Welcome to the Galxe Community Space Season 4! :full_moon:

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Starting January 29th, 8 AM UTC, and stretching all the way to March 24th, this season promises to be an exhilarating ride for our community members. With a total rewards pool of 50,000 GAL tokens, there’s plenty to aim for, and the journey is just as rewarding as the destination!

Weekly Campaigns: Tasks, Tickets, and Triumphs

Each week of Season 4 presents a unique campaign, bringing with it a series of tasks for you to complete. But that’s not all – every week features its own rewards pool, 6250 GAL tokens, creating a constant wave of excitement.

Raffles: The Thrill of the Draw

At the end of each week, we’ll distribute rewards in a raffle manner. How do you get in on this, you ask? Simple! Complete the campaign tasks within the week, and you’ll earn Ticket OATs – your golden tickets to these raffles. Remember, the more tickets you collect from a weekly campaign, the higher your chances of being among the lucky winners!

Boosters: Your Weekly Surprise Elements

To spice things up, each week will see the introduction of a booster. These boosters are designed to enhance your experience and increase your chances in the raffle. They include:

  • Galxe Passport Holders
  • Galxe Web3 Score
  • Smart Balance Top Up
  • S3 Page OAT Holders (2 times)
  • Active Discord Community Members
  • Community Tiers (coming soon)
  • Galxe Radio Show Listeners (during Season 4)

However, there’s a twist! We won’t disclose which booster will be active each week beforehand. This element of surprise is sure to keep everyone on their toes!

A Reward Pattern Like No Other

In a unique approach, the rewards will alternate between GAL tokens and Smart Balance every other week. This pattern ensures a variety in the rewards you can aim for, keeping the excitement fresh throughout the season.

Participation is Key

Remember, your engagement and participation are crucial. The more you immerse yourself in the weekly tasks and community activities, the better your chances of reaping the rewards.

Galxe Community Space Season 4 isn’t just about the rewards. It’s a celebration of our community’s spirit, a testament to our shared passion for growth and engagement in the Web3 space.

:point_right: Start Season 4 Now

Let the adventure begin! :rocket:


Season 4, Lets get it going.


Lfg Galxe!!!


Lets get :100: :boom: :+1: :rocket:

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we go again…!
Nonstop grinding

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Blockquote 很好。继续;做到20期。。

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hope to win haist lets go team

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Letsgoooooo im so excited…


Happy Season 4 in 2024…


I don’t like the raffle at all, it’s really unfair

Thanks to Galex’s events, we are learning about many new projects, which is really great. thanks

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lest go!! go $galxe is the best community

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excited to join season 4

It’s most times fun doing this tasks, keeping us engage in Web3 and quick access to rewarding opportunities! For that galxe is definitely the best.

However! what happened to NY raffle rewards? why no info ever since?


I’m so excited to be part of this season 4

Let’s do it!!! :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

strong text go to day

nice!! :heart_eyes:
LFG !Galxeeeee🚀

Season 4 - this is a very cool company! Lfg

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Fantastic way to go. Lets have it