Useful GAL token (several proposals)

Hello everyone!

I suggest:

  1. Remove payment for GALXE Passport with BNB and introduce payment with GAL token;
  2. Introduce an obligation to have any quantity of GAL tokens to use GALXE;
  3. Create events for more than 10 or 100 Gal token holders.
    In this way, the following goals can be achieved:
  • It will be more logical to pay with a GAL token for a GALXE Passport;
  • All passport holders will hold some GAL tokens;
  • More people will be able to participate in voting;
  • The token will receive excellent support from the community;
  • There will be more holders;
  • No one will be offended, since it is enough to have at least 0.01 USDC worth of GAL tokens.

Thank you for your attention and have a nice day!

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100% agree, good call.

I’m surprised we haven’t done this already, it seems like a natural use-case. I wonder if there are other plans for the token that wouldn’t match up with this idea?

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