Protecting Galxe users from fake or rug pull project developers launching campaign on Galxe

Galxe users need to be protected from fake or rug pull projects. Some fake projects run their campaign on Galxe, attract Galxe users to participate and buy into their project with a big watering mouth promises which they turn back to dump their token on the users after launching their project. I have been a victim of this and the worst of it was the same project ran their campaign on Galxe radio, did their presale, launch their token and dump it on their community and left. So I here proposed for the elimination of such practices for future occurrence.


  1. Establish a more sophisticated basics for any project to launch their campaign on Galxe
  2. Projects with no substantial values should not have their way to Galxe radio
  3. Establish a mechanism that will track the progress of each project and scrutinize them as their campaign progresses
  4. Sanction and penalize any project that fails to comply with the rules

Allowing a clean and legit projects to run campaign on Galxe will not only protect the users, but also make them to give a fully support to every project running campaign on Galxe and contribute to the building of web 3.


Well you have the top layer 1 communities doing the opposite of what they promised so I don’t think we can filter out the good and the bad.Still if you can come up with some methods please do share