[Proposal] Voting and polls on the site Galxe.com

Weekly Ongoing Voting and Polls : Allow users to vote on the site itself - this can be taken as an expression of their opinion on new features, changes or the direction of the product. This will allow users to feel their influence and be part of the process.

  1. Functional Product Improvements:
    Offer weekly voting where users can choose from the proposed options for functional improvements to the product. Ask specific questions about what features or improvements users would like to see in the next update. Based on the results of the voting, the team can prioritize the development of the most popular features. Additionally, for active participation in voting, everyone who voted 50/100/200 times, users can get a valuable OAT

  2. Priority topics for research and discussion:
    Conduct surveys regularly to identify priority topics for future research and discussion. Users can vote for the topics they find most interesting or important. Based on the results of the survey, the team can organize webinars, discussions or AMA sessions with experts to delve into the selected topics. Members who actively participate in discussions or ask questions can earn rewards such as exclusive OAT

  3. Expand Reward Set: Offer a wide range of rewards including tokens, discounts on products or services, exclusive content, access preferences, and additional perks. A variety of rewards helps attract and retain a diverse audience.

Both offerings aim to actively engage users, allowing them to express their opinions and suggest ideas, while at the same time rewarding them for their participation. This will help create a stronger community and create a deeper connection between members and the team.

I also suggest installing a small banner with the inscription on the site itself:

  1. “Join our forum where you can connect with like-minded people, ask questions and share your ideas. Learn more about our product, share experiences and find inspiration in the Galxe community.”

  2. Open the doors to a world of discussion and interaction, join our forum right now! Be part of our active community where you can get support, share knowledge and engage in exciting discussions about the future of GALXE

I know that such a proposal can increase the communication on the forum itself and the influx of new users


like norms, but … until they deal with all sorts of scams, or at least weed them out, the audience will leave, only the oldest and most driven ones will do it …


any voting is good, but these votings must be carried out according to 1 criterion, the galxy passport. Gal tokens on the wallet are optional


how to enable vote now i have 0 power for vote on snapshot recently i was trying to cast vote on " Snapshot Voter Badge "


If you want to vote, you need to hold any number of GAL coins in your wallet on the BSC or ETH network
after that you have to wait for the snapshot and only then you will be able to vote