[Proposal] User - friendly interface

Create more user-friendly interface.

This proposal can save users time and assist them to find their own way of using Galxe space,
to facilitate interaction.

The Galxe Community Space serves as a platform for many popular and new projects.
Some little changes in appearance of Galxe space can improve interaction between users
and projects, also makes platform more user-friendly.

The proposed changes mainly relate to appearance and usability:

  1. Add in user settings opportunity to change color of background from black to white,
    like a button that can switch dark mode to light mode.

  2. Add green check mark to those tasks that already done, it can help to navigate between
    tasks, expecially when campaign lasts for long time, and user sometimes need to check
    many labels to find unfinished task.

  3. Add in filters on main page opportunity to hide those OATs, that user alredy claimed,
    that also speed up navigation.

This proposal covers users possibilities and might alleviate interaction with platform,
save time and be useful to entire community.

Success Criteria:
The success criteria for this proposal are :

Increase user engagement and alleviate participation in all campaigns.
Help user to navigate in spaces.
Assist user interaction with Galxe platform.

The requested budget for this proposal in GAL tokens must rewieved by team.
Galxe Community Space


Usecases for 2 and 3 seems good.Some sort of a checkmark or tag on the OATs could save some time.Also better to have advanced filters.

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Thank you for feedback!

2 and 3 facilitate interaction :+1: