Proposal to create a channel supported by the Chinese region

My suggestion is to create a Chinese community support channel and incorporate it into the GAXLE contributor points system

Here are my reasons:

  1. Based on the existing GALXE contributor points system, we believe that the community is on the road to a prosperous and innovative one. Integrating all internal and external contributor activities allows contributors to better serve GALXE community members based on this points system.

  2. At the same time, we should also see that based on the existing point system, the community excludes the efforts made by contributors in the Chinese area. From the point of view of the point system and rules, it does not add any rules that meet and apply to the Chinese area.

  3. There is another very important point, a large part of the members of the Chinese area, they do not know a foreign language, they rely more on the support of the Chinese community, I think this should not be ignored.

  4. Our community has more than 500,000 members. However, judging from the activity of the community, it is obvious that the Chinese community has always been very active. This can be seen from the level of the community. Four of the top ten community members are contributors to the Chinese area. Although the level cannot explain anything, it is enough to prove that the Chinese area is very active.

  5. In view of the fact that the GALXE contributor points system cannot be applied in the Chinese area, I suggest setting up a Chinese support channel. Members of the Chinese community can go to the Chinese support channel if they have any questions to be answered. With this channel, it can be perfectly applied to the GALXE contributor points system, so that contributors in the Chinese region can get an equal and fair point system, which is very necessary.

              That's all for me, thanks sir

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