[Proposal] Share-to-earn (as a Data Credential) on Galxe


Introduce Share-to-earn credentials to Galxe campaigns.

By building upon Galxe’s Credential Data Network, this experience will resemble a referral program or affiliate marketing endeavour embedded within a Galxe Campaign.


Full disclaimer, I am writing on behalf of Usher.so.

Usher is working to enable Share-to-earn programs for Web3 brands.

Core libraries used to facilitate Usher are currently being open-sourced to enable embedded share-to-earn experiences.

Galxe is positioned to be the advertising interface of Web3, with a rich community that supports Web3 brands through Galxe campaigns.

We see an opportunity to build upon Galxe with new value & mechanisms to enhance the Galxe experience.

As per the Credential Data Network documentation, Usher will earn $GAL for contributing as a curator of “share-to-earn” digital credentials when campaigns use these credentials.


This proposal will provide context as to how Usher’s share-to-earn technology works, and how it can be integrated into Galxe as a new set of digital credentials.


  1. Each share-to-earn program, also referred to as a partner program, at its most basic form defines a destination URL where all partners (users) will redirect people.
  2. Brands (Galxe Campaign Managers) will determine when a partner is rewarded with a Galxe credential.
    • A Javascript library is available to allow Brands to indicate when and where a referred user is considered “converted” with their web application.
    • Alternatively, programs can be configured to define a set of Smart Contract events to listen for that behave as triggers for converting a user.
    • A user that has been referred from Galxe and then has been converted within the Brand’s user experience will yield a credential for the partner.
  3. Partnerships are entities, created on the Ceramic Network, that reference a partner program.
  4. Partnership identifiers become Shareable Invite Links when they’re prepended with https://app.usher.so/inv/.
  5. When an Invite Link is visited by a user, security measures take place to ensure the end-user is not a bot before the user is redirected to the program’s destination URL.
  6. Referral and conversion data is aggregated and brought on-chain through an Oracle Network. This conversion data is the credentials Galxe requires for verification of user action within a Galxe campaign.


An example of the result experience is as follows:

  1. A Galxe user views a campaign and wishes to earn an OAT for their credentials.
  2. One of the credentials requires the user to Invite 2 people to purchase from an OpenSea NFT collection.
    The credential description may either
    1. include the Galxe user’s Invite Link (if Usher software is embedded in Galxe), or
    2. reference the corresponding Galxe campaign within the Usher dApp, where a wallet can be connected and an Invite Link is retrieved.
  3. The Galxe user shares their Invite Link with their followers, friends, etc.
  4. Visitors to this Invite Link have their wallets connected and then redirected to the OpenSea collection
  5. If the invited user purchases an NFT from the OpenSea Collection, the NFT Smart Contract event will fire yielding a credential for the referring Galxe user.

Example mockup:


Usher will deliver this share-to-earn experience for the Galxe community by contributing to Glaxe’s Credential Data Network.

To do so, access to the Galxe Dashboard is required.

Beyond this, Usher will develop an EVM Smart Contract where referral & conversion data are exposed as verified credentials.

Configuring share-to-earn within a Galxe campaign should ideally be as simple as configuring a “share-to-earn” credential from within the Galxe Dashboard. Considering the dashboard is closed-source, there’s no guarantee of delivering this. If this is not possible, documentation will be made by Usher to support Galxe Campaign creators looking to utilise share-to-earn credentials.

Success Criteria

Success will be determined in two phases.

Phase 1: Proof of Concept

Usher will demonstrate to the community and stakeholders that embedding share-to-earn within Galxe is entirely viable and that Galxe’s credential network serves as a hotbed for innovation in web3 advertising and growth.

Phase 2: Production

Usher is capable of working with Galxe Campaign Managers that choose to be early adopters of this feature. Success in this phase is determined at the point at which a Campaign Manager is capable of adding share-to-earn to their Galxe Campaign without direct assistance.


  • 1 - 2 weeks: Learning
    • Learning the Galxe Dashboard and the requirements for contributing to the Galxe Credential Data Network
    • PoC software development for delivering credentials within a sandbox/test environment
  • 2 - 3 weeks: Refining & Testing
    • Refine the PoC for production readiness
    • E2e testing


While this proposal establishes a model for monetisation through $GAL rewards for contributing to the Credential Data Network, direct funding provides an additional mark of confidence from Galxe and other interested backers.

With funding, delivery of all of the objectives detailed in this proposal is guaranteed as the requirement for immediate monetisation is alleviated.

Due to the small nature of the scope, funding will size similar to a traditional grant. That is up to ten thousand USD dollars. This funding amount will be confirmed through a governance proposal as to allow the community to vote on the matter.

The provision of a grant is entirely up to the community as per the communities interest in such an integration.


Galxe is an exciting advertising & growth platform for web3 with a rich international community and has managed to elevate bounties into a Credential Data Network.

Usher is enthusiastic about contributing to this data network in order to embed share-to-earn & referral mechanisms into Galxe Campaigns.


Thank you :pray::heart::heart::heart: for the motivation and inspiration to all the supporters in the Gakxe ecosystem.


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