[Proposal] Secure Assets Fund for Astronauts (SAFA) ⚡️


Galxe provides an opportunities for projects to reach out Galxe audience (the most important resource) with campaigns to boost users engagement and to increase an awareness.

Projects hosting campaigns with rewards to stimulate users activity.

Users are doing campaign requirements with an expectations to receive rewards that was announced (un-official agreement)

Project → Users engagement → Rewards


Project use loud number rewards to attract users attention and interaction but after users do all on their side - project changes their mind not to pay rewards.

Example: Zebec DeFi Smooth Sail with 100.000 $ reward pool

Users without any guides provided from Zebec team successfully complete 6 DeFi tasks (spending money on Ethereum mainnet) - in the end got final NFT

But Zebec team decided not to pay to users because of that it was lowered then they expected (their problem because of no guidance at all)

The problem that Galxe users lost their trust to Galxe and users don not want to participate in big campaign with big rewards announced after such incidents

To create Users rewards secured pool so when project want to host a campaign with big rewards (to attract Galxe users attention) first thing - they send prize pool to this pool so users will guaranteed their rewards in the end of campaign.

Increased users loyalty - users will be sure that their attention and time is under protection
Increased trust to Galxe → more engagement to offer for big projects
Сould be a great marketing event to attract new users


это будет круто ,как только избавятся от мошенников я за такое предложение двумя руками на самом деле очень много пользуются нашим доверием и под прикрытием громких компаний обманывают пользователей,поскорее внедряйте такую функцию


Amaizing idea. We really need guarantees


Тема супер топлю за нее с самого начала ,если так будет это будет прорыв НОУ -хао в теме ,если конкурс если акция то только честно и справедливо ,скамерам тут не место ,и все пользователи будут рады счастливы и трудолюбивы )от таких принятий решений только Фонд и взнос в фонд акционных средств может гарантировать любую финансовую активность


Поддерживаю. Это будет справедливо.


Очень крутое предложение, поддерживаю Драму на 1000%.
Очень много кто из проектов бреет участников, а потом все гонят на платформу!
А так будет понятно, что твои старания будут вознаграждены если удача будет на твоей стороне!
Отдельно хочу поблагодарить Драму, за твою инициаттвность в таких вещах!


Very good suggestion, I agree!


I support the idea, Dramma has recently become active, apparently the team sees that things are not going well
But there are really a lot of campaigns, but there is almost no sense from them, then the question is asked on behalf of the user - why do I need all this? For the most part speaking for myself, I noticed that I saw nothing good in these campaigns. You will say that I gained experience in these campaigns, but I can answer that I actually did not receive any experience, except for spending money on commissions and headaches. There is also such an option that maybe I’m doing something wrong, this also cannot be ruled out. Budgeting campaigns on SUI hype can be safely called a Twitter killer, except for subscriptions and retweets.
In general, I think it’s a great idea to select projects that benefit not only the team, but also us, the users. After all, we are users - the most important thing a team has
if we don’t, then we don’t have money
no money - project in the pit

conclusion: The idea is good, let’s do something useful not only for projects, but also for ordinary users


This is a great idea, which should have been implemented a long time ago. This is not an isolated case when active users are forced to search, beg, and wait for results from companies, which often delay with results, sometimes simply ignoring users. If this proposal is implemented, it will be a big boost and a new chapter for the Galxe platform, and it will leave behind projects that are not ready to fulfill their obligations to users.


A wonderful offer, I fully support it! This mechanism will allow not to destroy the trust in Galxy and the initiator project itself, and to the crypt as a whole, and the entire crypt industry is essentially based on trust.


I can say ZEBEC SCAM


Very good idea, I fully support it!
It will help protect users.


That’s a great idea!


Great idea, keep it up Galxe team.


Imo it’s a great way to safeguard galxe users from misinformation or false marketing tactics, the creation of an escrow is the way to go here or else a proper terms and conditions of the campaign


Great idea! But it would be nice to suggest ways to implement it! Creating a fund or locking funds on smart contracts is not done with a simple click of buttons, it is a legally complex procedure that will require a certain amount of resources, time and effort from the team! And in anticipation of the arrival of the regulator, this may have additional risks associated with legislation. Therefore, you must first calculate everything and decide how expedient it is at the current moment! And now, in relation to projects that deceive their users, you can apply certain markings, for example, blacklist them, etc. By the way, projects that are not verified on Galxe by default should be approached with caution!


типо галакси будет гарантом? хз насколько это жизнеспособно, но идея неплохая


I agree with the idea.
Galxe lottery function has already have a fund pooling feature.

This idea is a necessary feature to protect the user. or to prevent FUD against GALXE.
On the other hand, however, a certain amount of the right to change events should be left to the advertiser.
Therefore, i think we should leave the option of returning the funds to them, when an emergency or significant any event is deemed to have occurred for an advertiser then the advertiser and GALXE discuss the matter.


This was a truly sad incident.
After this, it seems as if more and more malicious projects are taking advantage of the GALXE campaign.


I like the idea of a vault/reward that is unlocked/distributed when certain criteria are met. Could be gated on time, amount of OAT holders, oracles and so on.

The specific problem here (and sadly not too uncommon) was that the project did not live up what was promised. If a small project promises a large reward in their own tokens and the engagement does not meet their expectations. They don’t get enough traction to actually make it in this competitive space.

Even if the reward is automatically payed out from a Galxe smart contract, it might be too much of a burden for the projects tokenomics and they are then pushed towards abandoning the project and start over. If this happens, your tokens will be a another $0 reminder of what could have been.

This is a balancing act. We all love entrepreneurial spirit, wild ideas and promises of amazing gainz. But we can’t forget to look at the fundamentals and what’s sustainable when a new player enters the scene. If something sounds too good, then it probably is.

We all have to decide on where to put our time and what level of risk we’re willing to take. I understand that people new to crypto might need some extra guidance, but there is also a risk of giving them a false sense of security.

Keep in mind, the value locked in a Galxe vault/reward pool might represent something entirely different when it’s finally unlocked. If tokens has lost their value, is this then a Galxe problem, since the automatic payout is lower than originally promised/expected?

It all comes back to which project you wish to support. Do they have good communication, are they reputable and honest, do they actually have a good product?