[Proposal] Request to extend $Gal to multiple chains


Galxe, a user-centric project, rewarded its loyal community members with a $GAL token airdrop in May 2022 based on their platform activity.
Many new users joined after that event and became Galxe fans; they participated in many campaigns and events collecting credentials, NFTs, and OATs to support the project in the best way possible.
This proposal aims to introduce a reward model for $Gal loyal users.


Currently, $Gal is only available on ETH and BNB Chain.
Despite introducing over 2000 projects on Web3, there are still not enough chains and projects that can use $Gal.

Proposed Solution

We propose to make $Gal available on multiple chains.

Expected Benefits

We expect to expand the number of events between projects using $Gal, and to allow projects to organize their own quarterly events using $Gal.


Q4 or early 2024


We expect to be able to create more loyal users by connecting with various platforms and creating more loyal members, as well as engaging new community members and better utilization of $Gal.


I will vote for that! Good proposal!