[Proposal] Poker tournament for the Galxe community (only for Galxe passport holders).


This proposal requests funding from the Galxe DAO treasury to host a poker tournament for the Galxe community.


At the moment, apart from Galxe Radio Show and campaigns on the galxe.com platform itself, there are few other activities for the Galxe community.
It was very cool to play the tournament during the “Galxe x SPACE ID Games Festival II” with real community members. I would like to repeat a similar experience, but in the form of a separate major tournament with big prizes.


Such a tournament could become one of the largest, if not the largest among all the web3 community. What could attract new members (real ones, the presence of a galaxy passport will help to partially solve this problem), and most importantly, encourage loyal members of the Galxe community.
Hosting a tournament like this can increase community engagement, increase loyalty, and reinforce a sense of unity among Galxe users. It will also help encourage users to get a Galxe passport.



The tournament will run for 8 weeks:

  • Qualifying stages (satellites)
    To participate in the satellites, participants will be required to pay a contribution of 1 GAL. These contributions will form an interim prize fund. At the end of each satellite, the top 10 participants will be able to share this intermediate prize pool.
    Top 100 participants receive a place in the grand final (no fee required)
    Participants are allowed to participate multiple times in satellites in pursuit of an intermediate prize pool. Important! If among the top 100 there is a participant / participants who have already received a place in the grand final, then the place will be given to the participant / participants outside the top 100.
    Satellites will run 3 days a week.
    Week #1 - October 6-8;
    Week #2 - October 13-15;
    Week #3 - October 20-22;
    Week #4 - October 27-29;
    Week #5 - November 3-5;
    Week #6 - November 10-12;
    Week #7 - November 17-19.

  • Grand Final
    According to the results of 7 weeks of satellites, 2100 participants will get to the grand final.
    The top 500 participants will share the prize pool (requested in this proposal).
    Week #8 - November 25

Tournament participants

  • The participant must have a Galxe passport;
  • Member of Galxe discord for at least 1 month, which will help to avoid (partially) the influx of fake accounts just for the sake of participating in the tournament and being able to claim the prize pool.


  • In Discord, it will be necessary to create a separate role and channel only for Galxe passport holders, where all important information about this tournament will be posted;
  • Organize the registration process through the Galxe interface.
    A separate campaign with 4 tasks:
  1. Galxe passport
  2. Send 1 GAL to satellite address (specially created addresses for each satellite)
  3. Be a member of the Galxe Discord for at least 1 month (which will help to avoid (partly) the influx of fake accounts just for the sake of participating in the tournament and being able to claim the prize fund)
  4. Twitter (age (more than 1 month) twitter account)

For the implementation of these campaigns, a separate role will be given for each of the days, giving access to the discord channel, which will contain a link to register in the tournament.

The tournament will run from October 6 to November 25, 2023. The requested budget is $40,000 in GAL tokens, which will be distributed to reward users for participating in this tournament.

The duration and the prize fund are approximately the same as “Community Space Season 2”.
It is also proposed to consider the possibility of holding this tournament during / in parallel / or instead of “Community Space Season 3” (if planned).
Also, the duration of the tournament can be reduced to 1 month, which will require a smaller prize pool (or not require :wink:).


Poker is a great idea!!!

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Love this Idea. A good way to keep the community engaged.

But a few points here;

Don’t you think $40k worth of gal tokens is not much considering that not everyone can play poker or even like poker?

Also, 2 months seems to be too long. For me, I’ll go for 1 month. 2 months… the hype might not be there anymore or people get tired of it easily.

Overall, I love the Idea.


I completely agree with you! Based on “Community Space Season 2” in terms of timing and prize pool, so this is just an approximate version!

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Got it!

Goodluck mate.

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