[Proposal] Merch - utility Galxe?

In the world of Web3 projects and Galxe is no exception, where innovation and decentralization play a key role, it is important to find ways to expand your influence and strengthen your connection with the community. One potential solution for this is to launch your own brand of merchandise. When a project goes beyond the digital space and becomes visible in the real world, this opens up new opportunities for attracting attention, recognition and loyalty from the community and a wide audience. In this article, I will try to consider the advantages and ways to implement the release of my own brand of merchandise for the GALXE project.

Brand Strengthening and Identification:
The release of your own brand of merchandise allows you to create a unique visual image of the project. Logos, designs and slogans on the merchandise will help strengthen the recognition and identification of the Galxe project. When community members wear merch, they become living facilitators of your project, drawing attention and interest from other people.

Expanding the community and attracting new members:
The merch of this project can be not only stylish and attractive, but also functional. For example, T-shirts with QR codes leading to the platform can be an interesting conversational item and a way to attract new members to the community. It can also be a great opportunity for events and competitions where people can win merch and become part of the ecosystem.

Marketing and promotion tool:
Merch is not only a piece of clothing or an accessory, but also an effective marketing and promotion tool. People wearing this merch become mobile advertising platforms, attracting the attention of others and generating interest in the project.

A call to self-expression:
The release of merchandise encourages community members to express themselves. Each person can choose a piece of merchandise that suits their style and personality, highlighting their support for GALXE.

Competitive Advantage:
In the world of Web3, where competition is increasing every day, the release of merchandise provides an advantage over other projects. Unique design, quality materials and functionality will help to attract attention and stand out among the many offers on the market.

And let’s move on to the most basic thing I wanted to say and what to offer!
Merch as a token utility:
Releasing your own brand of merch can be used as a utility for the GAL token. For example, community members can receive tokens as a reward or discount when purchasing merchandise, but payment must be made directly with the GAL token and not otherwise. This stimulates the use of the token, increases its value and gives participants the opportunity to express their support for the project through the purchase of merchandise. Thus, merch becomes not only an object, but also a way of interacting with the token.
I suggest:

1. Launch a merchandise campaign and add a purchase function on the platform itself.

2. Take as a basis - rewarding loyal users with merchandise.