[Proposal] Gitcoin Passport Integration to Galxe Web3 Score

This proposal requests Galxe Core team to integrate Gitcoin score to Galxe Web3 Score. Gitcoin Passport, along with Galxe Passport, has been one of the most trustworthy onchain web3 credentials and used by many projects to find Sybil. With the integration of Gitcoin Passport, Galxe Web3 Score will have more usage by various projects.

The Galxe 2.0 initiative of Galxe Web3 Score is a great one as it will help projects finding and avoiding sybils and reward the true and loyal users. Galxe Passport was a great initiative in the direction, and Galxe Web3 Score together with Galxe Passport further strengthens the vision. Along with Galxe Passport, Gitcoin Passport also shares a similar vision and is being used by many leading web3 projects. By integrating Gitcoin Passport into Galxe Web3 Score, we can increase community engagement, trust from the projects, and enhance the trustworthiness of Galxe Web3 Score model.


The proposed integration will add Gitcoin Passport in Galxe Web3 Score Level 3 alongside Galxe Passport. The Gitcoin Passport holders should receive similar points for humanity check as they do receive for Galxe Passport. It will encourage Gitcoin users to use Galxe Web3 Score. Galxe has already run a similar campaign in collaboration with Gitcoin. Such an integration will bring more users to Galxe platform and similarly more projects will consider Galxe to find the real users and to community of real users. By adding Gitcoin Passport to Galxe Web3 Score, we will have more users minting their Galxe Web3 Score.

This proposal suggests adding Gitcoin Passport into Galxe Web3 Score and onboard more users and projects through such an integration.

Success Criteria
The success criteria for this proposal are as follows:
Increased users’ numbers and participation in Galxe Web3 Score.
Growth in Galxe’s user base and overall ecosystem.
A higher numder of web3 projects relying on Galxe for humanity check.
More trust towards Galxe Web3 Score.

The requested integration should be made as soon as possible. But more realistically, it should go live before the end of October.

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Ok that good. I support this


thank you so much for the feedback

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согласен только надо занизить оценку до 13-15


Good luck,I support and wait this :two_hearts: :bulgaria: :two_hearts:


thank you so much for your invaluable support and opinion

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thanks a lot mate :slight_smile:

That is a great idea

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