Proposal (GALXE passport)

This proposal contains a request for funding from the Galxe DAO treasury to support the rewards for obtaining a GALXE passport that certifies that the user is real and excludes the possibility of multi-aking. The requested budget is $15,000 in GAL tokens, which will be distributed to reward users who receive a GALXE passport by July 1, 2023

Galxe Community Space serves as a platform for conducting loyalty campaigns aimed at attracting users and actively participating in the Galxe ecosystem. By rewarding users who receive a GALXE passport with GAL tokens, we can be sure that the user is a living person. Campaigns will be curated by the Galxe operational team and Space Cadets (Galxe members) to meet the needs and goals of the community.

The proposed funding will be used to reward users who receive GALXE passports by July 1, 2023.

Field of application
This offer covers the period from June 1 to July 1, 2023. The funds will be used exclusively for rewarding participants of loyalty campaigns who received GALXE passports

Success criteria
The success criteria for this proposal are as follows:

Increasing the trust of projects that want to cooperate with the Galxe Community
Positive feedback from the community about campaigns and rewards.
Growing Galxe’s user base and overall ecosystem.
Greater sense of loyalty and unity among Galxe users.
The requested budget for this offer is $15,000 in GAL tokens. Awards will be distributed on July 15, 2023.

List of references
Galxe Community Space - Galxe Community | Galxe 207


I think Galxe Passport should be mandatory for everyone to prevent bots.