[Proposal] Galxe mobile app


This proposal requests developing mobile app.


The Galxe Community Space serves as a platform for hosting loyalty campaigns that aim to engage users and encourage active participation in the Galxe ecosystem. The developed app will give more convenient access to the website from the phone



The developed application will be used by users to fully access the website interface. Performing daily tasks will become more convenient.


The scope of the project includes development of a mobile app that interacts with the Galxe API to automate OAT claiming and provides hints for ongoing campaigns on partner websites. The app will be open-sourced, and available on the mobile app markets.

Success Criteria

The success criteria for this proposal are as follows:

  • The app automates the claiming of OATs after querying the Galxe API.
  • The app displays a badge number on the extension icon when there are ongoing campaigns available on a partner website.
  • The app displays information about the ongoing events when the user clicks the extension icon.
  • The app is published on the mobile app markets.


Development time is 6 months
The budget for the project is 30,000 USD in $GAL token. It will cover the cost of development, testing, debugging, optimization, and submission of the mobile app on Android and iOS.

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