Proposal: Galxe Enhancement for Community-Centric Interaction

To elevate user engagement and interaction within the Galxe platform through the introduction of an integrated Social Collaboration Hub.

Recognizing the dynamic nature of web3 communities, we propose the incorporation of a centralized Social Collaboration Hub within Galxe. This hub will serve as a unified space where project communities can seamlessly collaborate, share insights, and engage in meaningful interactions. The goal is to enhance the sense of community within Galxe, providing users with a centralized location for socializing, discussing projects, and staying updated on the latest developments.

Key Features:

  1. Unified Community Feed:

    • Implement a centralized feed where users can view updates, announcements, and discussions from all the projects they follow.
    • Users can interact with posts, share insights, and participate in discussions directly from the feed.
  2. Cross-Project Chat Rooms:

    • Introduce project-specific chat rooms, allowing users to engage in real-time conversations with other community members who share similar interests.
    • Encourage cross-collaboration between different projects within the Galxe ecosystem.
  3. Events Calendar:

    • Create a shared calendar highlighting upcoming events, AMAs, and project milestones.
    • Users can easily discover and join events of interest, fostering a sense of community participation.
  4. Galxe Community Points:

    • Introduce a gamified points system, rewarding users for active participation, meaningful contributions, and collaboration within the Social Collaboration Hub.
    • Points can be redeemed for exclusive benefits, such as early access to campaigns, special NFT drops, or project-specific perks.
  5. Enhanced Profile Customization:

    • Allow users to personalize their profiles with badges, achievements, and project affiliations.
    • Profiles serve as a visual representation of a user’s engagement and contributions within the Galxe community.


  1. Community Building:

    • Strengthen the sense of community by providing users with a central hub for interaction, transcending individual project boundaries.
  2. Increased Engagement:

    • Encourage users to spend more time within the Galxe platform by offering a dynamic and interactive space.
  3. Cross-Pollination of Ideas:

    • Facilitate collaboration between different projects, fostering innovation and shared learning within the web3 ecosystem.
  4. User Recognition:

    • Recognize and reward active community members through the Galxe Community Points system, driving sustained engagement.
  5. Improved User Retention:

    • Enhance the overall user experience, contributing to increased user retention and loyalty.


  • Collaborate with UI/UX experts to seamlessly integrate the Social Collaboration Hub into the existing Galxe platform.
  • Conduct user feedback sessions to refine features based on community preferences.
  • Gradual rollout with thorough testing to ensure a smooth user experience.

This proposed Social Collaboration Hub aims to revolutionize community interaction within Galxe, fostering a vibrant and interconnected web3 ecosystem. By prioritizing collaboration and engagement, Galxe will not only become a platform for projects but a thriving hub for the web3 community.


Seems to be a great one.


perfect topic, i am ready to cooperate with galxe too


Looks smart and will benefit the community