[Proposal] Galxe Contributor Program Rewards 2024


This proposal is seeking funds for the Galxe Contributor Program Rewards for the duration of 2024. Building upon the successes achieved in 2023, our goal is to maintain recognition and incentives for participants in the Contributor Program, known as Space Cadets. This expansion aims to foster increased engagement, community growth and education, active involvement, responsibility, and transparency within the Galxe community.


The Contributor Program has played a pivotal role in the growth of the Galxe community and its Discord server. Previous contributions have significantly enhanced community engagement and participation.

The Space Cadet program has seen amazing growth and contributions to the Galxe ecosystem in 2023. Below are some of the program highlights:

  • Total received applications: 3795
  • Contributors from 11 separate countries and counting
  • From 25 to 58 Cadets by the end of 2023 (132% increase)
  • Over 22,000 Discord support tickets resolved
  • Over 5,000 social media content about Galxe
  • Countless community-organized events

Space Cadets Contribution Points (2023):
Space Cadets Contribution Points



Extending the rewards program for 2024 will uphold its existing structure, including manual contributions tracking, internal evaluation, and GAL token distribution based on contribution performance. Furthermore, the program will seek community input and recommendations to align with the Galxe community’s needs and expectations.


This proposal encompasses the following key aspects:

  1. Extending the Contributor Program rewards into 2024.
  2. Continue to promote the Space Cadet program and actively encourage participation among new and existing members.
  3. Ongoing collection of community feedback and suggestions, with adjustments implemented to the program as necessary.

Success Criteria

The successful execution of this proposal will yield the following outcomes:

  1. Sustained recognition and rewards for Contributors, fostering increased engagement and contributions from community members.
  2. Ongoing expansion and maturation of the Galxe community.
  3. Elevated engagement, activity, and growth levels within the Galxe community.
  4. Streamlined program operations and exceptional Contributor performance.


The following budget covers the whole duration of 2024, with the budget increasing around 10% each quarter due to the forecasted program growth.

Q1, 2024

  • January → 8000 GAL tokens
  • February → 8000 GAL tokens
  • March → 8000 GAL tokens

Q2, 2024

  • April → 8800 GAL tokens
  • May → 8800 GAL tokens
  • June → 8800 GAL tokens

Q3, 2024

  • July → 9700 GAL tokens
  • August → 9700 GAL tokens
  • September → 9700 GAL tokens

Q4, 2024

  • October → 10,650 GAL tokens
  • November → 10,650 GAL tokens
  • December → 10,650 GAL tokens

Bonus budget, distributed based on Contributor performance: 8550 GAL

Total requested budget: 120,000 GAL

Implementation will begin upon Snapshot approval and will be sustained throughout 2024. Specifically, the Contributor Program rewards will be distributed monthly after the end of each month in 2024.

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The cadets really make a big contribution, it’s not always easy, I admit, but we cadets in 2023 worked hard, learned a lot and taught many, which is very important!

I hope that 2024 will be even more productive than the previous one.

Let’s support this proposal and rush to conquer new heights


Very good idea! I am sure 2024 will be even more evenful and productive for the community!


great I am sure 2024 will be even more evenful and productive for the community!


As a Space Cadet, I appreciate the transparency and continued commitment to community engagement outlined in the proposal. The proposed budget and quarterly increases seem well-structured to support sustained growth. I’m excited about the potential impact in 2024 and look forward to actively participating in the program’s success. #GalxeCommunity :rocket:


thank you for such a wonderful opportunity to develop your project and develop in a place with you, in 2023 I learned and learned a lot thanks to Galxе. I am sure that this year we will achieve even more results


I support it, because thanks to the work of the cadets, a lot of issues are resolved quickly and on time


Grate! CIS cadets are the best!!! I support rewards for cadets!


It would be good. As a space cadet i appreciate this big step for the growth of Galxe community. :raised_hands:


This is really great to see this kind of step🥰
2024 will be the best :blush:


The new year 2024 has dawned. With the countdown… Time is ticking. The Galxe is looking forward to its potential capabilities and developments. I hope that the new year will be a better and better Galxe. Thank you.
I always support and support you. Thank you.


One of the best’s :heart: 2024 is a year of GAL :heart: :heart: :heart:


Very good idea! I :+1:

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Very good project Very good idea!

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awesome! Hope this roadmap will success smoothly.


emphasized text 2024galxe Setting sail in a new time; a new place; let’s look forward to a new beginning for GALXE!


very good news,thanks

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so excited. I love galxe

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Very good idea! I am sure 2024 will be even more evenful and productive for the community!

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This is great.
2024 will be a different year.

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