[Proposal] Expanding opportunities for galxe users

The Galxe site provides projects with a huge audience of its users who are happy to participate in many events, from simple to the most complex. Galxe’s audience performs various tasks related to both social activity and the interaction of wallets and projects.

In this phase of the market, as well as in the past and confident in the future, there are fraudsters who, in various ways, get to users’ wallets and steal them. The problem is that if you have your wallet stolen, you can stay be active on Galxe. Your wallet contains many elements of different companies, Galxe passport, bab token and more. People whose wallet has been stolen must either start again or stop altogether, since the recovery of all lost resources requires a lot of effort and time, it prevents the desire to continue to participate in various companies.

Suggested solution
Since recently, Galxe has given the opportunity to add additional wallets to your profile, but unfortunately, it is not possible to put an second wallet in the priority, so that it would become the main wallet. My suggestion is that Galxe start reading information for assignments from all connected wallets and give the opportunity to collect rewards, points, nft, and give the opportunity to collect rewards, points, nft any of these wallets to the user’s choice
People can also save from cluttering the main wallet. There are some companies where the reward give a lot of nft and pictures that after the company will not bring anything useful, but they will be on the main wallet and be considered junk. and the ability to take such pictures to an additional address, will not clog the main wallet.

Galxe must read information from one wallet but from two,
Galxe should eliminate the possibility of collecting rewards from both purses simultaneously. there must be a record of the tasks performed, on one or the second purse. Any of the wallets connected is entitled to pay a fee for collecting rewards.

Expected results
1 people whose purse was stolen, will be able to continue the activity on the site.

2 main wallets will not have a lot of garbage in the form of useless cartoons, after the project company

Community participation
I’m sure after that the Galxe community will expand faster and the losses among users will decrease, perhaps some part of the users who have left due to such a problem will return and continue to participate in various companies.

Risks and mitigation measures
The risks I don’t see here can the community point to them in the comments and we will jointly come up with solutions to reduce them.

Simple verification of the additional wallet, will return users and will not let go of users whose wallet was stolen.


it’s a very good proposal. I had the same situation, my wallet was hacked and I had to something to save my NFTs and OATs and recover my Galxe Passport. this proposal can help with such cases

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In fact, there are a lot of such people ) just they don’t read the forum ) and suggestions ).
and I found an opportunity to help not only myself but many others ) and wrote about it, how it decides in the future, I do not know, but the main thing to start )

Wow! Didn’t know that, thanks!

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Very Useful article. Thank you for explaining this possibility!

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This is great, two days ago my wallet was hacked and the headaches are not small, especially the loss of the most valuable thing for users: TIME
This is a good idea :heart_eyes: :bulgaria: :two_hearts:


yes it is a good idea, but as I see from the activity, not for all users )
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