[Proposal] Empowering galxe users

Suggestion: Implement user rating for projects, despite the future implementation of a tier system for projects.

Greetings to all forum members!

Today I would like to discuss with you a proposal to implement user rating for projects. As you know, there are plans to introduce a level system for projects in the future. However, I believe that user rating is also necessary.

User rating will allow users to rate projects based on various criteria such as quality, usefulness, relevance, etc. This will help users find projects that fit their needs faster and easier.

User rating will also promote competition between projects. Projects that receive high ratings from users will be more visible and attractive to new entrants.

Of course, the implementation of user rating should not exclude the implementation of a tier system. Both systems can work together, complementing each other.

I encourage all forum members to express their opinion on this issue. Let’s together make galxe more convenient and useful for users!

Arguments in favor of implementing user rating:

Will allow users to rate projects according to different criteria, which will help them find projects that fit their needs faster and easier.
Will promote competition between projects.
Does not preclude the implementation of a tiered system.
Arguments against implementing user ratings:

Can be biased because it depends on subjective user ratings.
Can be used to discriminate against projects.

I believe that the advantages of implementing user rating outweigh the disadvantages. User rating can be an important tool to improve the quality and usefulness of projects in galxe.

I encourage the galxe team to consider my suggestion and decide to implement user rating.


it is necessary to implement a rating of reviews


Unfortunately, I don’t agree. I think that such a rating cannot be made objectively. In the crypto space only DYOR


Нужен рейтинг по времени с начала регистрации мое мнение

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In general I approve but … there is a big but. Ator is fantastic example. Till Friday last week it was “leader in security”, then they lost 1000 nodes, today is price 53% down. I am farming 40 plus projects and I cannot be fair, too. The fact is that we can rate projects after some time. Look at the quantum scams on Base in May and today. Nobody cares but many of us claim their useless OATs and NFTs. I will end with the same, in general yes but … not.

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I will be good only if it will not be manipulated.

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An excellent offer, it will be convenient to select and sort projects for work.

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