[Proposal] Community Space Season 3 Rewards


This request is to obtain financing from the Galxe DAO Treasury for the third season’s rewards of the Galxe Community Space, which will take place in Q4 of 2023, from October 1 to December 31. For Season 3, a revised budget of 35,900 GAL tokens is being asked for, which will be given out as prizes to users depending on their performance and ranking in various loyalty initiatives within the Galxe Community Space.


We saw a lot of unique users in the loyalty points leaderboard thanks to the phenomenal success of Season 1 and the continuing Season 2, and our focus is still on maintaining and raising this level of community participation. The Galxe Community Space is still a crucial hub for loyalty programmes designed to boost user engagement and participation within the Galxe ecosystem. We can increase community involvement, boost loyalty, and promote a deeper sense of solidarity among Galxe members by awarding them with GAL tokens. The Galxe operations team will choose the campaigns, making sure that they fit the requirements and objectives of the community.


Users that actively participate in the loyalty campaigns within the Galxe Community Space throughout Season 3 will be rewarded with the suggested money. Each campaign will include activities that participants must do in order to earn loyalty points. As an exciting incentive to participate, the complete award pool of GAL tokens will be distributed to the top 500 participants according on their position in the loyalty points leaderboard at the conclusion of the season.

The prizes for Season 3 of the Galxe Community Space, which runs from October 1 to December 31, 2023, are covered by this proposal. The money will only be used to give rewards to loyalty campaign participants.

Reward Distribution

•Rank1-3(Top3): 1,500 GAL tokens will be distributed evenly among top 3 users of leaderboard .1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place gets 500 GAL each.

•Rank4-10: 1,400 GAL tokens distributed evenly, each user in this tier gets 200 GAL.

•Rank11-100: 9,000 GAL tokens distributed evenly, each user in this tier gets 100 GAL.

•Rank101-200: 8,000 GAL tokens distributed evenly, each user in this tier gets 80 GAL.

•Rank201-300: 6,000 GAL tokens distributed evenly, each user in this tier gets 60 GAL.

•Rank301-500: 10,000 GAL tokens distributed evenly, each user in this tier gets 50 GAL.

Total: 35,900 GAL tokens to be distributed.

Success Criteria

This proposal’s success will be determined by:

•Sustained and elevated user engagement and loyalty campaign participation.

•The community has given the campaigns and incentives favourable comments.

•Expansion of the user base and ecosystem of Galxe.


This proposal’s recommended budget has been updated to 35,900 GAL tokens. The prizes will be given out on January 1st, 2024, after the conclusion of Season 3. During this time, the Galxe Space Cadets will keep working with the Galxe operations team to develop and implement a variety of loyalty programmes.


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Hey @shubham8527 ,

Thanks for laying out the details of the Community Space Season 3 Rewards proposal.
It’s great to see the Galxe DAO focusing on enhancing community participation and loyalty. The reward distribution seems fair and is a good incentive for members to be more active and engaged.

Looking forward to seeing the positive impact of this initiative on the Galxe ecosystem!


There are questions, of course.
Why exactly 500 prize places, what percentage of the total number of participants is this?
Why are pay jumps so small, there is no motivation to fight for places higher below the top?
Why the uneven distribution?
And why not 100k GAL?)


This proposal is designed by the intention of rewarding the users who are loyal to the galxe and interacting with each event under galxe ecosystem. That’s why Top 500. However, it is just an idea and it can be modified according to the team and community. Thanks for suggesting. Your feedback is really valuable for me.


Thank you @alexkat for your valuable feedback. I am glad you liked my idea.


@shubham8527 Good to see that galxe is focusing on its community members also. Rewarding community members is one of the best method to keep the community engaged. It’s a good idea.


Great initiative mate. Appreciate it .


Thats a great idea . It will keep community members active . Hope this campaign will continue.


Hi @shubham8527 , It’s fantastic to see the Galxe DAO and members are putting an emphasis on building community involvement and loyalty. Good proposal.


Thank you @Ramesh :+1: . I appreciate your feedback.


Yeah, it will help to build strong relationship among galxe and community members.


Thank you @Dalton for your words. Your feedback is really valuable.


That’s a good suggestion. Seems to make sense. I agree.

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Why only 500? Once those at the bottom positions realize they can’t make it to the top 500 anymore, they will just lose interest which is not what the community is for.

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Good job forward
Let us go

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