[Proposal] Community Space Season 2 Rewards


This proposal seeks to secure funding from the Galxe DAO treasury for the rewards of the Galxe Community Space’s second season, which will run from July 20th to September 30th, 2023. A revised budget of 40,000 GAL tokens is being requested, which will be distributed as rewards to users based on their active participation and ranking in various loyalty campaigns within the Galxe Community Space during Season 2.


Capitalizing on the tremendous success of Season 1, which saw over 80k unique users in the loyalty points leaderboard and more than 4k users qualifying for rewards, our focus remains on sustaining and increasing this level of community engagement. The Galxe Community Space continues to serve as a key platform for loyalty campaigns aimed at encouraging user participation and promoting active engagement within the Galxe ecosystem. By rewarding users with GAL tokens, we can further enhance community engagement, strengthen loyalty, and foster a stronger sense of unity among Galxe users. The campaigns will be curated by the Galxe operational team and the Space Cadets (Galxe Contributors), ensuring that they align with the community’s needs and goals.



The proposed funding will be used to reward users who actively participate in the loyalty campaigns within the Galxe Community Space during Season 2. Participants will earn loyalty points for completing tasks in each campaign. At the end of the season, the total reward pool of GAL tokens will be distributed to the top 1000 participants based on their ranking in the loyalty points leaderboard, providing an exciting incentive to participate.


This proposal covers the rewards for Season 2 of the Galxe Community Space, which will span from July 20th to September 30th, 2023. The funds will be used exclusively for rewarding participants in the loyalty campaigns.

Reward Distribution

  • Top 1-3 users: 1,500 GAL tokens distributed as follows: 1st place gets 750 GAL, 2nd gets 500 GAL, and 3rd gets 250 GAL.
  • Top 4 - Top 1% (7 users in total): 1,800 GAL tokens distributed evenly, each user in this tier gets 180 GAL.
  • Top 2-5% (40 users): 5,400 GAL tokens distributed evenly, each user in this tier gets 135 GAL.
  • Top 6-15% (100 users): 8,500 GAL tokens distributed evenly, each user in this tier gets 85 GAL.
  • Top 16-30% (150 users): 8,000 GAL tokens distributed evenly, each user in this tier gets ~53.33 GAL.
  • Top 31-50% (200 users): 6,500 GAL tokens distributed evenly, each user in this tier gets 32.5 GAL.
  • Top 51-100% (500 users): 8,300 GAL tokens distributed evenly, each user in this tier gets 17.68 GAL.

Total: 40,000 GAL tokens to be distributed.

Success Criteria

The success of this proposal will be assessed based on:

  • Sustained and increased user engagement and participation in the loyalty campaigns.
  • Positive feedback from the community on the campaigns and rewards.
  • Growth in Galxe’s user base and overall ecosystem.
  • Enhanced loyalty and unity among Galxe users driven by the attractive rewards.


The requested budget for this proposal is revised to 40,000 GAL tokens. The rewards will be distributed at the end of Season 2, on September 30th, 2023. The Galxe Space Cadets will continue their collaboration with the Galxe operations team to design and launch diverse loyalty campaigns during this period.


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Thank you @Mani7 for your comprehensive proposal. I am particularly impressed with the proposed distribution of rewards for the Galxe Community Space’s second season.

The tiered structure of the reward system is an excellent approach that I believe will stimulate active participation from a broad spectrum of the community. By offering rewards not only to the top performers but also to those in the lower tiers, you are creating an inclusive environment that encourages participation from all users, regardless of their ranking. This approach is likely to foster a sense of unity and collective effort within the community, which is crucial for the long-term success of the Galxe ecosystem.

The use of GAL tokens as rewards is also a smart move. It not only incentivizes participation but also integrates the users more deeply into the Galxe ecosystem. This strategy can potentially lead to increased user loyalty and engagement, which are key to the growth and sustainability of the platform.

In conclusion, I fully support the proposed distribution of rewards. I believe it will stimulate active participation, foster a sense of community, and contribute to the overall growth of the Galxe ecosystem. I look forward to seeing the positive outcomes of this initiative.


Great proposal @Mani7. Off course we will support this. Finally the rewards gets more transparent. Community space season 2 will be fun and entertaining. Let’s goo :fire::smile:


@alexkat @tharequest Thanks for the feedback!


As a beneficiary of season 1, I think this is also a great idea and as usual I believe it will continue to create great community engagement amongst the community members and the project. I will continue to give my support as best I can. We move. :fist_right: :fist_left:


Great solution! I fully support him!

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really agree with this proposal

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sounds great .
lets gooo

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This proposal is comprehensive, detailed and encompassing. I did a quick mathes to see if the reward grouping result in a joint set but it turns out to be a disjoint set. For that I am giving it my utmost support and backing with a like :heart:

The interval is 2 months and 10 days from 20th of July to 30th of September. Hopefully, it will be good enough for all participants to fulfill their actions as per the former campaign.

Lets see more campaigns involving testnets, less of live tokens trading events, mobile friendly dapps interactions, less of desktop-based applications to encourage all levels of participants and participations with, a stricter and higher compliance with Galxe Passport, more campaigns that exposes users to web3 security dapss, ZKP protocols and user privacy solutions.

All in all, this is an exceptionally and carefully planned works @Mani7 Kudos to you.

On July 20th, LET THE FUN BEGINS :saluting_face:


I was acitve during Season 1, looking forward to Season 2. I will be more active!

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Let’s do it. I fully support this proposal !!!

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I fully support this proposal !!!

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nice proposal. let’s rock \m/

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agreed but
if you can make it round for last tier from 17.68 to 20
just it be round :slight_smile:

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perfect reward distribution

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great proposal. I’m looking forward to season 2 as well.

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was less reward but thanks

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I’ve read your suggestion and I’m very much in favour

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Agree to proposal, keep going.

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great idea!! thank you

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