[Proposal] Addition of Multi EVM Wallet Addresses to Galxe Accounts

This proposal aims to introduce a vital feature to the Galxe DAO platform: the ability for users to add multiple EVM wallet addresses to their Galxe accounts. This capability will enhance user experience and convenience, providing a more flexible and inclusive environment for GAL holders and users of the platform.

Problem Statement
Currently, Galxe DAO users can only associate a single EVM wallet address with their account. This limitation restricts users who manage multiple wallets, forcing them to log in and out of multiple Galxe accounts, thereby creating an inconvenient and inefficient user experience.

Proposed Solution
The proposed solution is to modify the Galxe account system to allow users to associate multiple EVM wallet addresses with a single Galxe account. This change will allow users to more easily manage their GAL tokens across multiple wallets without the need to switch between different Galxe accounts.

The addition of multiple EVM wallet addresses to Galxe accounts will provide a more flexible and user-friendly experience for GAL holders. This proposal aims to enhance the Galxe DAO platform and increase its appeal to a broader range of users. Your support and constructive feedback are highly appreciated.

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