Problem of "one wallet allowed"

Dear Galxe team . Im really hope in future to have a possibility associate several address with one Galxe account. Only one address pushed users to multi account or to do not safety steps or you just can not join the compaing)


My opinion on this point is that one wallet address is a limiting factor to earn more oat and other rewards.

For example, I used Trust wallet.
But trust wallet can’t perform testnet for some Company that are doing Beta testing for their token or coin to be launched.

So, I missed some of my testnet rewards.

I appeal to Galaxy team to look at this.

LFG Galxe…


Agree completely! There are other sites where you can have all of your wallets under same profile. I get confused sometimes and also couldn’t claim various OATs since I was told “wallet already connected to the Twitter account…” Hope they can fix this soon :slight_smile: Best to all!


Don’t think there’s a problem here. You can always disconnect and connect a new wallet for instance when you are dealing with different networks. Maintaining one wallet to an account prevents Sybil

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The broblem is, you can connect another wallet for sure but you also have to connect different discord and different Twitter for each address you have. This pushing people to multi accounting.

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This is a very sensitive topic. I even created 2 accounts. But in the end I use 1 because even with one I don’t have time to do everything sometimes. If there was an opportunity, I would now only connect Trust. Because there is BABT and I missed many tasks because I have a Metamask connected. If it were possible to combine wallets in one profile, then this would be the best solution.

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Agree,not all people haw a lot time to play a lot of quests but! With trust wallet you can not join any testnet for example or any aptos or sui compaing. So we need to have ability to switch wallets in account for example or added second and third wallets. We are in crypto world and here many different blockchains and wallet and will be nice to have options to join in different compaing with same account)) thanks for your opinion!

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Missed out on tap fantasy nft, needed a Solana wallet used the one in my trust wallet but till now I can’t claim it. But I’ll be glad if there could be a notification for those you have completed a task but the task hasn’t started so as to claim. I’ve missed out on some oats because I couldn’t come back to claim before the campaign ended and I’ve have a claiming point/slot. Thanks


Use "available to clime " filter or you can use extension like Metapush to be notified when you have some oat to clime

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good morning everyone
I have a problem with Twitter bind
always galax asks for permission: Galxe wants to access your Twitter account.
help please

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Endorse this sentiment to the fullest