Options for obtaining DROP

Evenly Distributed: In this option, the drop is distributed evenly among all participants. Everyone receives the same share or number of coins. This method is fair when all participants contribute equally or when there is no obvious reason to give an advantage to some participants.

Proportional distribution: Here the drop is distributed in proportion to each participant’s contribution. Contributions can be measured by various criteria, such as activity level, popularity, performance, etc. The greater a participant’s contribution, the more he or she receives. This method recognizes differences in contributions and motivates participants to keep working toward results, so it seems to me)

Achievement Reward: In this option, the drop is distributed based on each participant’s accomplishments. For example, specific tasks or goals can be defined, and the drop is given to those who achieve those goals or accomplishments. This method encourages productivity and goal attainment.

Which option do you like better? feel free to post.


First Option
I think the rewards should be evenly distributed


I like the idea of # 1 but if we went with 2 or 3 I think one aspect is to look at not just setting up new goals, but the history - how long have they been a never, how many different NFTs/oats have they claimed from numerous campaigns.


Первый вариант,
я думаю, что награды должны быть распределены поровну.


Oh that’s very good,i like it

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I have been trying to get in so I can be a part of the drop I’ve been doing all the missions for a long time and that’s what I’ve been waiting for them to come up with something