OAT can decide rewards?

This activity should have certain restrictions, and only when the score reaches a certain standard can you be eligible for rewards. And, I think that accounts with more than 1,000 GALXE OAT should be rewarded. Friends, what do you think?


this topic has been discussed for a long time, I think you can lower the threshold from 500 OAT


Hello my friends, it is complicated discussion. 1,000 GALXE.s maybe increase the centralitation comunity. Anyway, any of you can tell me how to buy the GALXE token. I new here, I like Galxe, the are making so nice with all the tasks protocols, steeps, OATS, oportunities. Is is a good idea for and good project. I want to get in.

Thank you very much, 500 OAT will be ok, I want to reach this point one day.

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GAL token is traded on all leading exchanges
For more details you can see this link - Galxe (GAL) Цена, Графики, Рыночная капитализация | CoinMarketCap

I recommend holding the GAL coin (any amount) in the BSC or ETH network and waiting for the snapshot to be made. Then you will be able to participate in the DAO voting, this is very important for the ecosystem.
you can vote here - Snapshot

If you have any difficulties, you can always contact me in the discord, I will help in any way I can. my nickname is Fidelikus#9466

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for your answer. I will keep holding GAL in my wallet in BSC blockchain.

Have a nice day to everybody and good luck in all your investments.

Galxe should be a grateful project and a powerful DAO in the WEB3 environment.

Thank you very much again.

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Happy to help :saluting_face: :vulcan_salute:
Ask me if there’s any need

Hello again my friends, there is some issue that can´t completed

I made the restaking tier flash layer of RETH and SETH several times and couldn´t completed the point to get OAT. My restaking is over from weeks ago. But steel not reading Galxe probe

My staking link in Goerly

Anyone know how that´s happend?

Thanks a lot my friends

not a bad idea sir, :ok_hand:

500 is good for me to mantein the dex :ok_hand:

yes, yes and yes. i agree with you