New feature request

I have an oat I want to collect, but the network is Aptos. Galxe is prompting me to switch wallets network to Aptos. This will require me to connect a new twitter account and a new discord account. Apparently if I am to switch to solana I Will also have to connect a new twitter account. Either this or I’ll have to disconnect my social accounts from Etherium chain and connect to Aptos, and repeat this when I want to switch back to Etherium. Please I implore galxe to look into this. Yes it is doable, but it is cumbersome. For the oat in the image above, I will miss out on it because I cannot switch chains.


I don’t think you have to link any new social accounts except if you are changing the wallet address you use in the first instance.


In your galxe account, go to your profile and there you can connect 1 more wallet in the settings. It will be linked to your old twitter and discord accounts. You do not need to link a new tweeter and discord.