Less rigidity in galxe passport KYC verification

I’ll like to ask that other e-copies of ID be considered in the KYC process. i can’t count the number of times i have tried verifying and it keeps getting rejected. the only form i noticed that’s being accepted for my country(Nigeria) is the international passport which is quite tedious in acquiring. The ID i’ve attached below is the one most people i know are making use of but we all experience rejection always.


looks like this got ignored… oh well :smiling_face_with_tear:

Galxe and its verification team ought to look into this, unless they want to marginalise the possession of the galxe passport.

Yes, I’ve got same issue. Over a year now and ive not been able to get galxe passport even after trying with various IDs

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I have experienced same issue recently… seems like they didn’t even read this suggestion.