If we're starting from nothing, how is the best way to be a part of these votes?

Hey there Galxe fam! So I have been reading these topics and such, but there does not seem to be a definitive answer. Let’s say I just started at Galxe. I do not have the token and have only completed a few tasks on the galxe site. I come across this snapshot/vote deal and I want to contribute.
1 - What do I need to vote? And how does this voting power stuff work? :zap:
2 - do I need the GAL token? If so, where to buy and how many do I need?
3 - Can you vote without the token, by somehow building up voting power?? How?
4 - How is one supposed to know all this?
5 - Will all this lead me to possible airdrops/other rewards?
6 - Am I forgetting a crucial question or is there anything other advice to a newbie who really does want to “be in the mix”?

Thank you very much for any help you can provide. I think there are many of us who could benefit from these answers. And more people doing this Snapshot Community correctly will only make the Galxe family bigger and more engaged.

Have a great day!!


Good questions my friend
I am neither so newbie nor so old on Galxe, and yet i don’t know these info you are asking.

Its a little confusing the whole thing.

E.g. Myself. I am many months a Galxe member, i hold some GAL tokens, but still don’t know how to use them to vote

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Read this pls :point_down:

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Thank you very much my Galxe friend

Pretty detailed question although it just points out one question that is how to vote…and that’s by holding gal tokens which you can transfer from a Cex in your wallet or you can get it from a Dex as well. And airdrops are just speculations.Maybe /maybe not but anyways be a part of the dao community and take part in campaigns for assured rewards

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