HYVE - Partnership Proposal

Hi, I have contacted you on behalf of HYVE - a web3 freelancing platform. Right now we are adding multiple payment methods, and we are integrating more blockchains and also tokens so that we have a wide portfolio for companies and also people who want to pay freelancers in a specific token. I would propose to integrate $GAL as a payment method. Would that interest the team?

We are live on ETH, BSC, MATIC, and FTM, and we will launch the AVAX blockchain on our platform and you can list the token on one of these, plus on one of the future blockchain integrations.

Also, if your team is looking to expand, we can help you free of charge with the onboarding process on our platform in order to find the best candidates out there. Let me know what you think!


First :1st_place_medal:I live Galxe!! I am a big Fan.
The tremendous efforts by Galxe team in

  1. Development: Done everything before time of commitment.
  2. Trust: I have a big trust. I get every update on mu email, wallet, social media etc…
  3. Collabs: The Galxe team has done all required for the tie-ups and collabs with the best projects in web3.

A Million X is peanuts with this efforts. All the best.