Grants program to do offline meet up

Hello galxer’s

I have an idea. How if galxe make a Grants program for the community off line meet up.
The idea is every galxe member can exchange their knowledge about blockchain and web3 so they also can educate people around them.
The funding was from galxe foundation with tight verification of the activity.
They also can exchange the knowledge about Do’s and Dont’s in crypto space.
It is also has a potential to get new idea for galxe from people who attend the offline meet up. If many people like this idea i will make The proposal on DAO Govarnance.

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Doing this is inappropriate.
Offline meetings take a lot of time, money, and control. The world is moving in a different direction, where you just need to realize yourself online, because now there are a lot of different tools to prove yourself, but this is just my opinion.
And how do you see your proposal, please tell me in more detail, I’m interested
For offline meetings, you need premises, and it is clear that no one will give it for nothing, you need to pay rent and the like. Please describe your idea in more detail. Thank you

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Write a sentence hahaha Support