Galxe Socials and Content: Ideas πŸ’‘

Current situation: we have many different interactions with community members but they are kinda too impersonal.

Main Galxe value and resource is Users and users are people, right?

People like people, people interacting and engaging more when they could reach out a person and when they know who this person is.

Video Streams

We know how Charles Wayn looks like, we know how Harry Zhang looks like because they are always on camera and it helps Galxe as a brand but it also could help community be more involved if we will start to host Community AMAs and Campaigns walkthrough regularly with any of stream services like Youtube but most likely like Binance Live as it is more crypto-friendly
Imagine weekly streems to not just listen but also to watch – I bet it will engage more users because people like to watch people!
(Like This stream with Charles Talk About the Web3 Infrastructure In Terms of On-chain Identity | Binance Live)


With live stream and campaigns overviews it should be more personal videos of a team!

Try to check this page from a regular user point of view

Is it engaging?

Well I bet a newbie will be more engaged with video stuff from team offline meet-ups, interviews e.t.c – more peoplish content!


We have an official account

And even campaigns account

But where is community dedicated page? Who is interacting with campaigns? What project wants when they go to Galxe service? Users!

We should have Galxe Community page!

Imagine when Community member share his thoughts and how he likes Galxe – how great it be when he got a repost from his favorite project! It could be mini-interviews with team members/contributors/regular users or even quotes of the day – something motivational so users would set up a notification and everyday will get a motivational word.


Why we do this medium followers’ tasks (Galxe Community Missions S2W4 by Galxe | Galxe) if we a WEB3 platform? We should use with the options to mint NFTs for subscribers and verify it on-chain that they are reading out blog not by submitting google form as medium follower.

Instagram and Tiktok

I suppose one of our goal is to onboard web2 users and where we could get their attention?

Ta-dam – the most powerful web2 tools – Instagram and Tiktok but how it goes now? (By submitting already existing users to follow this accounts) But it do not makes sense because most of web3 users do not like this socials so it will not help to onboard new users – instead we should motivate content creator who like to do it and not worry about to show a face to create a content so we should do contests with rewards like weekly for the best Galxe funny video/campaign review but it should be something with face of a speaker because web2 people will get involved when they see other people not just a video record.

Community Offline Meetings

Just Imagine how great it could be to meet IRL once a year for example on Galxe Birthday and celebrate it worldwide – it will cost not so many as it would create a robust effect of people communication and awareness.

Then main point of this topic to make a content while have a thought how it would look like from the regular user point of view. Is it interesting for him to watch? If not, so how it should be?

This all is just my vision as a regular user and big fan of Galxe.


somewhere I heard it in DC galaxy