Galxe Social Pass


Project’s dashboards numbers are increasing rapidly as a campaigns quantity to participate with plenty social tasks in it (Follow twitter account, do a repost, tag friends, quote tweet e.t.c) where the amount of such tasks could be 10-15 to do in one single campaign and the number of such campaign could be dozens for an active regular users so imagine that number of social activity in twitter could be around 150-200 actions daily.


Twitter anti-bot system tracks such activity and could ban permanently user account (Each day I’m reading in chat the same stories where users doing social tasks with reposts getting banned without any chances to un-block account later)

Galxe Social Pass – NFT which users could buy with GAL tokens each month so they social tasks credentials (Follow Twitter, do repost, tag friends, quote tweet e.t.c) will be verified without an action done – just by holding this pass.

Expected Outcome

New GAL Token Utility + New mechanics and experience for users (kind of gamification) + Option for users to be safe for their Twitter accounts – to enjoy the campaign experience without anxiety will they be banned after the next retweet or not.


Good offer, but I do not want to pay, I would like to get these passports for free, for some kind of activity


A great idea, if it turns into reality, it will be the breakthrough of the year, what can I say, the breakthrough of the century !!!

Good idea. A lot of trouble with Twitter can be solved. Only I think you need to buy once and not every month.

This is a good idea. However, having to buy it every month would be an issue given the fact that some of the campaign are out to build a community without any direct financial benefits to the participants. It would be better if it’s a one time subscription or better still free.
It could also be a one time subscription and a free subsequent renewal for such a pass

I agree 100%. I don’t do many missions because I’m worried about the Twitter hub

Замечательная идея! Это возможность для большинства пользователей беспрепятственно выполнять необходимые задания в Твиттере для клейма. Воплощение конечно будет не быстрым, но потенциально это будет благоприятным апдейтом для всех!

It’s a great idea, but like others have said, it would be nice if it was free or a one-time payment at a reasonable price.

What price for 1-time payment will be ok for you? For example for 1-year pass

Hi all
I just read the proposal and the opinion of people also in the comments. Well what can I say . The offer is very interesting and it’s good that we can be given such an opportunity to keep our twitter intact and safe. The idea itself is useful, so to speak, and this is something new, I have not seen anything like this anywhere. Well, as for the purchase for each month, I would change this idea a little.
After all, the team is now working to keep users, I believe that the fact of the purchase itself can scare the user a little, because now the OAT itself, as it were, does not carry any value in most cases, so I have about 500 of them, of which 400-450 are just candy wrappers.
What do I suggest?

    1. Release a limited amount for early supporters, let’s say for those who have already been on Discord for 1 year or something like that, and make a ruffle or launch a campaign, I think it will be fair.
    1. If we are talking about the price, well, I think that this should be determined by the team, and we, as supporters of the project, can vote on the Snapshot
    1. If you still have to buy, then you can make a purchase immediately for 3-6-9-12 months and with each subsequent month the price should be attractive, so that it would be more profitable to buy immediately for a year
    1. The price must be the same for all countries, without any privileges
    1. My price for 1 year of use is no more than 50 USD in GAL coin of course

This is a good idea. However, I feel attaching a price tag might scare alot of people away who would rather prefer a free oat.

Would like to suggest a free 2 to 3 month subscription and fair payment for subsequent months.


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Expected Result:
Projects and users leave.

Why does the user have to pay? If you don’t want to like or retweet, just don’t!

99% of OAT is just garbage.

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this is also a good option

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It is an awesome idea, I am all in, kudos to the team.

I like this idea. And Im ready to buy such pass.
But not sure it will be interesting for partners.
I don’t like when campaign asking me to make 5-10 retweets in one campaign. And I started to skip some campaigns due to unpropper twitter tasks ((

This is an interesting idea!

I agreed, only I think you need to buy once and not every week.

Good idea. A lot of trouble with Twitter can be solved. Only I think you need to buy once and not every month.

Why u think this could be a reason to leave for somebody lol?
If a user want to do twitter task the do
I don’t want to risk my twitter account to get banned so i don’t want to do 20-30 campaigns daily
so projects do not receive me as a user in this case but they could get me as a discord member of their platform user if i will use this social pass to verify twitter task

Users who don’t want to play still will be doing this
Projects will get me as a users because now i dont want event to check their campaign
Galxe will get new GAL token utility

so all gonna win: users/projects/Galxe