Galxe passport number 1 on galxe platform

Hello, I am an active user of the galxe platform. I want to reach out to the galxe team and community and start a discussion on the topic.

Why in all tasks where there is a gitcoin passport, there is no alternative in the form of our GALXE passport. I suggest the galxe team add a feature where there will be an automatic mandatory addition of the galxe passport to tasks, where the organizer checks if the participant in the task is a person by passing verification through the gitcoin passport or other types of KYC.
Why am I a Galxe passport holder, I must still do other types of passports, I am doing the task on the Galxe platform and not on some left platform. why we, the owners of these passports, cannot complete all the tasks where there are tasks of other types of KYC on the Galxe platform.

I think as a galxe passport holder we should promote our passport on the galxe platform and then other types of KYC.

plus galxe passports - you have confirmed that you are a real person.

Now I would like to touch on another issue.

Why doesn’t the galxe team contact the gitcoin team and discuss the issue?
Why can’t the gitcoin team add our galxe passport to their verification tasks. And charge for example for galx passport from 40 and above points in Gitcoin

I think the number of points should be at least 40. This is at the discretion of the Galxe team. But so that we galxe passport holders can easily get a gitcoin passport

I wrote all this because I’m tired of seeing tasks with a gitcoin passport in which there is no alternative in the form of our galxe passport

there are too many videos on youtube where you can make a gitcoin passport farm for cartoons without spending what the owners of the galxe passport spent, and doing everything anonymously !!!

I think everything written above in paragraphs 1 and 2 will be a good razor for cartoons and cybils if these decisions are made.

I expect you to actively discuss these two topics raised and promote these ideas so that the helexi team will pay attention to this.

And, yes, we (ordinary private users and galxe passport holders) will know who is against (multiaccers and sibyls)


Good idea, support and agree.


Actually, the idea is great. However, besides the concept, we need more concrete implementation methods, as well as reaching a consensus on the 40-point threshold. I believe many people won’t agree with such a number, especially new crypto users.

I suggest gathering more information here on the forum to create a more robust, comprehensible, and achievable proposal for the DAO.


Indeed. That’s right!


Nice glaxe project
Very nice very good project

for revealing my identity and confirming with official documents, I would give 80 points in gitcoin, but that’s me.
thanks for not passing by

I totally agree with you, it disappointing when you find out that as a holder Galxe passport you can’t participate in a task unless you have Gitcion passport. There should be options I so submit.

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nice information :grinning: :grinning:

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Miki, I totally agree with both points. As for the Gitcoin verif. task/quests, it is sick and annoying to verify multiple times with same IDs issued by our Govs and other authorities. On GALXE we should promote our GALXE passports. Why the faq I need to put ID to multiple protocols and portala if I am KYCed in GALXE, etc. With more points I will be more human???

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good information :heartpulse: :heartpulse: :heartpulse:

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as I already wrote, gitcoin is a paradise for multiaxes and cybils, and galxe is also promoting gitcoin passport, I condemn

Не плохая идея , Согласен с тем что Galxe Pass должен быть приоритетом
на просторах интернета также встречал информацию по абузу Gitcoin Pass
а как тебе вариант если в задании использовать 2 паспорта сразу ?

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It is important to understand that flexibility is key in the ever-evolving world of technology and online platforms. By enabling companies and organizers to use various forms of security, including a Gitcoin Passport, a Galxe Passport, or a combination of the two, we can cater to a wider range of needs and preferences. This approach ensures that we do not limit our options, but rather take advantage of the variety of validation methods available.

As for the number of points for the Galxe passport, I agree that it should be carefully considered. However, instead of a fixed number, it might make more sense to have it as a ratio of the total score for all tasks. Thus, it can be more adaptable and meet the specific requirements of different tasks and organizers.

I understand your dissatisfaction with the current situation, but I believe that a more flexible and inclusive approach will contribute to a more robust and sustainable platform. Let’s continue to discuss and promote these ideas and hopefully the Galxe team will take our feedback into account.


It sounds good ideas

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tôi thích ý kiến này của bạn.

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I think the idea is good, I support the discussion!


La idea me parece estupenda, pero galxe debería ponerse manos a la obra e incluir como tarea primordial pasaporte (GALXE) ante todo y sobre todo, puesto que es su pajina principal y la principal promotora de infinidad de proyectos. Sinceramente el mundo cripto se creo para tener anonimato, pero poco eso se esta perdiendo y dando paso a que expongamos nuestra identidad. Mi punto de vista, un pasaporte para todo, pues ya nos hemos identificado, no creen?

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I would like to have a choice, for example, the organizer puts some kind of his passport, then as an alternative, a galxe passport should be added so that those people who have it do not go through an incomprehensible KYC on an incomprehensible site

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totally agree totally agree

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I think many who actively complete tasks on any sites have noticed that these sites promote their product in the first order on their site, except for the Galxe team