Galxe passport for safe us

plus galxe passports - you have confirmed that you are a real person.

Now I would like to touch on another issue.

Why doesn’t the galxe team contact the gitcoin team and discuss the issue?
Why can’t the gitcoin team add our galxe passport to their verification tasks. And charge for example for galx passport from 40 and above points in Gitcoin

I think the number of points should be at least 40. This is at the discretion of the Galxe team. But so that we galxe passport holders can easily get a gitcoin passport

I wrote all this because I’m tired of seeing tasks with a gitcoin passport in which there is no alternative in the form of our galxe passport

there are too many videos on youtube where you can make a gitcoin passport farm for cartoons without spending what the owners of the galxe passport spent, and doing everything anonymously


Nothing is 100% perfect.Both have its own upside and downside.But yeah galxe passports are genuinely a good measure to fight sybils and will be employed going forward in a lot of places.

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Great information bro, keep it up