Galxe passport and voting power

Good evening everyone plss enlighten me on this or let’s give it a general discussion. I’m 2yrs with galxe but before they were called galaxy. When there passport was out I didn’t hesitate to mint even though I was a novice and a newbie but I kept claiming every oat and doing tasks I can afford. But, arbitrum airdrop change my view towards crypto world and I didn’t hesitate to give my delegation power to galxe because without them I wouldn’t have been interacting with arbitrum blockchain. But of recent I discovered GP5 snapshot but was unable to vote and it pained me, asking on discord I saw that to vote I must have gal like in my wallet and this is now promoting my inquiry, can’t having galxe passport give right to vote on a platform I so much love? And judging the fact that arbitrum gave arb tokens for DAO to do their own airdrop, and galxe was a benefactor if there’s a voting issue and my passport has no voting strength then I can I proudly call myself a Galxe citizen?
Pls share your thoughts too. Thanks


Yes and best airdrop project and network blockhain.


You have a nice idea my bro/sis. However it would be cheaper voting on galxe proposal with ANY amount of $Gal (0.1 or even less) than voting with a gal passport especially for those would mint the passport outside the free mint period. You could be among the lucky few to get free mint but what about those who can’t afford about $5 to mint but with a fraction of a cent of $Gal in there wallets, they can vote! Besides, you can withdraw, convert or swap your $gal to any other crypto which is not the case with the passport that is mostly limited to the galxe ecosystem in terms of utility.
Also, other technical issues could be a limitation to voting with passport though it might be put into consideration in the near future


Thats bery nice to know
Supper helpful


Busy days but not an excuse for not replying on time. Thanks for your view and sincerely I minted with $5 too, but if grace is given to both card holders and token holders to vote then the card in so doing has a more usefulness for to me apart from holding identity what could be said of its benefit?


Where i can vote. Please someone help me

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You can vote by holding some $GAL in your wallet before a the snapshot of holders is taken. You can buy $GAL in centralised exchange like binance or decentralised exchange like pancakeswap. The $GAL can be on any of BSC or ERC network

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N1 and good project