Galxe OAT gas fees

Guys don’t you think projects launching their campaigns on galxe should pay for the gas fee needed to mint OATs?

What do you all think :thinking:

Share your thoughts below please :point_down:t2:


Great idea :bulb: !! Now to get transaction fees to a respectable level.


Yes,need more people to share their thoughts…


Some of them do provide gasless claiming.However they keep a limit or it runs out eventually.So it’s according to the project I guess and not decided by galxe itself.


Some projects for example could do a collaboration with another project and then want the community to mint an oat which has no use case and still want the community to pay the gas fee Lol


Of course; I’ve spent too much so far!! Wosh all a great weekend!


Offcourse, that’s how it is ought to be many project do come to Galxe with many tasks and when users finished all the tasks, also minted several oats but at the noting will come out of it which is very bad of them.

So I suggest there should more strictness from Galxe team before allowing project to be on the platform to save newbies that cannot yet differenciate which one is real or scam before embark on the tasks, to save their assets and time.

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I think an OAT without some utility is useless and we should not encourage them.

Why would I care or an project should care 1 year later that I’ve been inbetween first 10.000 followers or “present” at the point that they forged an aliance with another project …

If you can’t filter the OATs that have some meaning to exist, at least find a way to burn them for some Galxe points that in a way or another could benefit Galxe users…


Yes,i like this idea too

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Bro it’s actually a good idea if it could be possible for us to burn some of those OATs

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Yo bro,I created a post in the DAO governance section and I need you and the rest of the community to interact so that we can organise a snapshot vote for the burning of some of those useless OAts.

Here is the link👇🏻

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