Galxe Community Space - Season 3 is Here!

Join the Leaderboard Race for 45,000 GAL and Exclusive Page OATs

Astronauts, we’re back with another season of Galxe Community Space!

Season 3 is all about leaderboard ranking! From Oct. 11th to Dec. 24th, 2023, you can earn Loyalty Points by participating in Campaigns on the Galxe Community Space. There are also secret tasks for you to complete and unlock bonus Points and benefits!

Reward Pool

The total rewards pool for Season 3 has increased yet again to 45,000 GAL. As discussed in the Snapshot proposal, half of the rewards will be distributed to the top 1,000 community members on the leaderboard, while the other half will be sent through an upcoming Galxe 2.0 feature - Smart Balance! More details regarding the Smart Balance rewards distribution will be announced at a later date.

Galxe Smart Balance is designed to make your exploration on Galxe even more smooth. When participating in Campaigns on different blockchains, you will no longer need to switch chains, bridge or swap tokens, saving you not only troubles but also gas fees. Claim rewards with a simple click and Smart Balance will take care of the rest.

Extra Perks

In addition to the token rewards, we have another surprise for you! Four Galxe Page OATs are designed exclusively for Season 3, and collecting all four will unlock extra perks:

  • Bonus Loyalty Points to boost you up the leaderboard
  • Distinctive Discord Role with a role icon to show off your status for a limited time

To spice it up, there are many hidden tasks and opportunities to gain additional Points and get to the top of the leaderboard. Here’s some alpha:

  • Complete specific tasks in a row. For example, if you join more than half of the Galxe Radio Shows during Season 3, you will get bonus points, but if you join all of them, you will gain even more!
  • Actively help fellow community members on Galxe Discord
  • And of course completing ALL of the tasks during Season 3 will give you a significant boost on Loyalty Points

Don’t Miss Out

To stay in the loop and get notified when new Campaigns release, join our Discord community and check the #:star2:・get-points channel!

The race is on!

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It is with great pleasure that we begin our journey into the third season.


Good job that really good


All right, we’re in :star_struck:


good chance to join and get benefits


Bring it on …we are ready


I believe Galxe has taken it to the next level and I am pleased to be part of it. A wonderful innovation. :ok_hand: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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goood a like galxe !!!

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awesome news lets go!

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good chance that really good

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Awesome as always. Much love Galxe. Love Love love :heart_eyes:

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Do we have just page 1? the rest pages are on the way?


Understood! I’ll do my best!

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I feel this is a great move especially by integrating the smart balance feature into S3.
And having hidden criteria will also help counter sybils. Users are welcome in every channel but imo should not interfere into the support channel merely for points if they don’t know what to answer.

Else I support this proposal

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Let’s go with galxe, his team and users.


Good :+1: like galxe !!!

i am new here. any one help??

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I can thank myself for my performance in this season 3 so far, it is far better than last season.


Great information thanks

cool真是不错的项目 我很喜欢一直陪着就行

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