Except GAL,maybe credencials and nfts could be a point for voting of the DAO

who create or own credencials,who have the nfts should be give a power for voting of the DAO,these people who really use and care about the galaxy project,if only think about the GAL holder,if the destination will be another way,i mean even if someone never use galaxy,but rich to own lots of GAL.how we could make sure these people will make a better galaxy project



There should be a balance in the middle, not just wealth or just community

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haha cười vui vãi chuyownmhx


Agreed, I like the idea but I’ve experienced situations where someone is active in the community, misses the opportunity to get one NFT and then can’t vote, which means he can’t get in on the next NFT and it’s essentially blocks increased interaction.

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