Elected: Project Galaxy DAO Treasury Multi-sig Signers

Dedicated Project Galaxy DAO Members, we have some long-awaited news!

After a period of exciting nominations, the votes are in! On June 15th, 2022, we announced the 9 Community Treasury and Multi-Sig Signers whom you selected to serve this community. A big congratulations to:

  1. @anneouellet94

Role: Core Team Member

“I’ve been working full-time with the Project Galaxy team as their CMO since March 1st. I first had the chance to experience Project Galaxy as a Partner before coming on full-time. I truly believe in the mission and vision of the team. As head of Marketing, I would like to also have a role within the DAO. I think it’s important for the marketing team to participate in the DAO and connect with users there.”

  1. @stevenkin

Role: Community Member (Galaxy brain)

“I have been a Galaxy Brain since December last year and love the atmosphere in this community. Members are very kind, helping each other with love and sharing knowledge selflessly. Because I am feeling so good in this community, I would like to further contribute with my skills. I have created the Galaxy Explorer and am very happy to see this tool being favored by our community, this cannot be done without the comprehensive Galaxy API. Thanks Galaxy team for the great work and help. Project Galaxy is the mentor of my Web3 journey. It is not easy to come across a good opportunity in our life, so I treasure it.”

  1. @itzjustcal

Role: Spartan Capital

“Galaxy is among the most innovative projects within the crypto ecosystem, and is helping create a piece of crucial infrastructure to power on-chain economies. We’re invested in the project for the long-term; if our nomination succeeds, we would love to use this responsibility to help the Galaxy team achieve their vision.”

  1. @fico308

Role: Core Team Member

“A year ago, with the vision of solving current user credential dilemma by the power of We3, we started Project Galaxy. At the beginning, I did not expect that we can have a such thriving and prosperous community and a project that would have significant impact in the Web3 ecosystem. Companying with Project Galaxy from 0 to millions of users, I deeply understand the importance and the power of our community and I am also aware of the necessity of guiding our community in the right direction. As a core contributor the project, I believe I have the ability to provide help and guidance to build our project and community better. The journey of project galaxy just starts. I hope I can take more responsibility in the community and make more contributions to a better future. To the Moon.”

  1. @Mable_Jiang

Role: STEPN Chief Revenue Officier

“This is Mable Jiang - a long-time supporter of the Galaxy Network. I’m day-to-day busy with growing STEPN, but I certainly have spent a lot of time thinking about the product and what could it become. Since the inception of Project Galaxy, I’ve been sharing a lot of ideas to the team and hoping that one day Project Galaxy could be the future Web3 credential data network. Although we are still far from that future, we are definitely getting closer today than a year ago.”

  1. @OppsiMhungryx

Role: Team

“Hey Project Galaxy Community, Joanna , Project Galaxy Head of Client Relations. I’m here to nominate myself to be part of the Galaxy Community Treasury and Multi-signer to further contribute to both the community and the team. Project Galaxy foster unique sense of purpose, it’s exciting to be part of the team and community that fills a void in a marketplace.”

  1. @oyyblin

Role: Team

“I’ve been a part of the core engineering team at Project Galaxy, mainly focusing on infrastructure and backend. I also go to offline conferences and events in the US to represent and advocate for Project Galaxy. Before Project Galaxy, I worked at AWS for 5 years and led many successful projects, mostly in the serverless space. I also worked full time as a researcher in a computer networking lab at UC Berkeley, mainly focusing on creating an infrastructure-as-code framework. My planned future involvement is to still be heavily involved with our engineering efforts, to make our user experiences as smooth as possible.”

  1. @shiyuSQ

Role: Cyberconnect

“The CyberConnect team and the Project Galaxy team share the same vision of the future of Web3. Both CyberConnect and Galaxy focus on building the identity data infrastructure for Web3 native applications. Our teams worked together on many projects and campaigns, and we will continue to support Project Galaxy in the following ways:

Help explore experiments and implementations of trending theories such as SoulBound Token Work together on data interoperability to foster the adoption of credential data Cross-promote NFT and credential campaigns Advise on the design of a sustainable tokenomic model My team and I firmly believe in the future of Project Galaxy. We will involve in the future development and support Galaxy for the long term. I will carry out the responsibilities as the multi-sig signer if been successfully elected.”

  1. @AlirezaHiker

Role: Community member (Galaxy Brain)

“I have been a Galaxy Brain since December last year and joined PG around 1 year… since first day I tried to help project and community also I created a telegram channel for Galaxy Persian community that they are super active and lovely in fact all of the astronauts are amazing and I love the atmosphere in this community and project I’m with community and discord members everyday and we talk everyday about project and campaign … I know many friends that they are super active and i saw the names of some of them who nominated (like Armin ,Steven ,Cryptobob ,…)and this is amazing really we have a great community and its the beginning for Project Galaxy and we are here for long term not days or weeks …so I would like to nominate my self for multi-sig signer because this is great opportunity for everyone… Good luck astronauts.”


Wonderful! go go Alireza! Keep it up!


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Congulation! Hope galaxy go moon!


Hope its not late complete all quests