Ban Zebec from hosting events on Galxe

Zebec has cheated users in two recent campaigns and failed to deliver the rewards they promised, but the reason was that the number of participants was too low. At the same time, they have been controlling public opinion, banning and kicking out all users who have a problem with this, in an attempt to hoodwink uninformed users and continue to market their nodes.

The project has no credibility left and it would be a nightmare for Galxe’s reputation if it is allowed to continue hosting events on Galxe.

If you don’t believe it, search for “zebec” in Galxe’s discord or “zebec scam” on twitter.

First breach of commitment:

The secord time:

“We haven’t promised that you’ll get it” They can actually lie with a straight face.

Hopefully, Galxe will put an end to all its activities on Galxe before it does something more evil. Otherwise when it deceives more people, it will be a shame for Galxe.


Agreed I hope they put a stop to this!!


agreed, less rewards but better events