About what is Galxe ID SDK a Between Developer and User

Galxe ID has just released a new integration - the Galxe ID SDK. This powerful tool allows projects to onboard users faster and easier by streamlining the authorization and verification process.

The Galxe ID SDK is a developer interface that allows projects to request permission from Galxe ID users to access certain profile information.
To get started, projects need to set up their Galxe Space and apply for their own client secret and client keys. Then, developers can choose the information they wish to access from Galxe ID user profiles within a scope whitelist.
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Galxe ID users will receive a notification when a project requests permission and will be able to see which project is asking and a list of data being requested. Once approved, projects will receive a temporary code for an access token.
Galxe also offers the Galxe Passport SDK for projects to access data from Galxe Passport holders.


Galxe Passport is a SBT that securely stores data and protects verified individuals from sybil attacks. Holders will need to authorize decryption before granting projects access.
NOTE: users have complete control and ownership of their own data, and they have the power to authorize or deny access to projects.

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