About the Ideas & Suggestions category

This is a place for users to suggest new features, improvements, or changes to Galxe, and for other community members to provide feedback and support for those ideas.

Users can post various type of content in this category including:

  • Suggestions for new features or improvements to Galxe
  • Discussions on the feasibility and potential impact of proposed ideas
  • Feedback and suggestions on existing proposals and ideas
  • Sharing of personal experiences and use cases related to Galxe and its ecosystem that could inspire new ideas
  • Discussions on how to implement and integrate new ideas into the project

This category will provide a platform for the Galxe team to receive feedback, suggestions and new ideas that will help the project to improve, evolve and stay in the top position in the ever-changing Web3 space.


This organization is very broad and intelligently designed. It should be noted that an event calendar is required and better content classification should be applied.

Thanks :heart:


Good one platform for nft and minting and education :heart_eyes::sunglasses:

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yes, that right my friend

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