About the Developers & Contributors category

This category is dedicated for developers and contributors to discuss and share their work related to Galxe, collaborate on projects, and share their knowledge and experience with the community.

Users can post various type of content in this category including:

  • Technical discussions and updates on the development of Galxe’s platform and tools
  • Request for code review, seeking feedback and suggestions for their work
  • Sharing their own project or tool that is related to Galxe
  • Collaboration opportunities and discussions on how to contribute to the project
  • Sharing knowledge and resources that can help others to learn and contribute to the project
  • Discussions on best practices, development standards and conventions within Galxe

This category will be a valuable resource for developers and contributors who are interested in contributing to Galxe, as well as for anyone interested in learning more about the technical aspects of the project.


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