About the DAO Governance category

This category is intended for discussions and proposals related to the decision-making process of the Galxe DAO.

DAOs are organizations that operate through a decentralized governance model, where decisions are made by the token holders of the project.

Users can post various type of content in this category including:

  • Proposals for changes or updates to Galxe, such as new features or partnerships
  • Discussions about the current governance structure and how it can be improved
  • Proposals for new community initiatives that align with Galxe’s vision
  • Reports on the progress of ongoing proposals and updates on the status of past proposals
  • Temperature checks to measure interest and support from community members regarding your proposal
  • A general forum for discussing the direction of the project and the role of the community in shaping its future

This category will be a valuable resource for community members who are interested in participating in the decision-making process of Galxe. It will also provide a platform for the community members to connect, collaborate, and support each other in order to build a strong and thriving community that will help push Galxe forward.


Perhaps we set a standard for the format of each stage of improvement. Uniformity is better for users to get to the core of the proposal, otherwise it looks too confusing.


thanks wayn you are working.


The efforts of the Galxe team are commendable,
but certainly not enough, what you don’t see but
your audience is experiencing, forced migration of
your mucus to new and small but very powerful
platforms like : Intract quest that has a very easy
and small but effective incentives. Hopefully the
Sweet Galxe problems will be resolved soon.