VOTE: Community Treasury and multi-sig signers

On May 23rd, Project Galaxy posted its first Project Galaxy DAO Proposal asking its community members to nominate candidates for the role of Community Treasury and multi-sig signers. The nominations are in and the community must vote on who they think should be on the treasury committee. The proposal received a total of 24 nominations and the community must vote to select 9 out of those 24 candidates.

Candidates were asked to provide their name, Twitter handle and a summary of their involvement or future planned involvement in the Project Galaxy ecosystem. Please find the list of the 25 candidates along with their summary below.

The vote will take place on snapshot starting on June 6th, at 12pm PST and ending on June 12th, at 12 PM PST. Every nominee will be an independent option on the snapshot. Voters must hold the $GAL token to be eligible to participate and vote. Voting Power is a « Weighted Voting» meaning the more $GAL a voter owns, the more voting power they have. If a voter has $GAL on both ETH and BSC, his voting power will be accumulated.

Voters can also delegate their voting power to another member. Delegation can be done here.

  • Delegation isn’t cross-chain, which means an ETH address can only delegate their $GAL on ETH, to another ETH address
  • If a voter has $GAL on both ETH and BSC and wants to delegate all their GAL on both chains, they must do it twice. Using their address with ETH first, then switching to BSC and repeating the delegation process.
  • Delegation can’t be fractionalized. For example, If a voter has 100 $GAL, they can’t delegate 20 $GAL. If they wish to delegate, they have to delegate the full 100 $GAL.

The $GAL token is now available for trading across many of the top cryptocurrency exchanges globally. Some of the supported exchanges and protocols where $GAL trading is active for trading include:

To submit your vote please visit Snapshot to vote.


Nominee 1

Name: ****Anne Well

TW Handle: @anneouellet94

Role: Core Team Member

I would like to submit myself. I’ve been working full-time with the Project Galaxy team as their CMO since March 1st. I first had the chance to experience Project Galaxy as a Partner before coming on full-time. I truly believe in the mission and vision of the team. As head of Marketing, I would like to also have a role within the DAO. I think it’s important for the marketing team to participate in the DAO and connect with users there.

Nominee 2

Name: Steven Lei

TW Handle: @Stevenlei#1667

Role: Community Member (Galaxy brain)

I like to explore how to achieve the same thing when I see something remarkable. I started my programming journey back in primary 5, a Web 1.0 age. I created my first essential HTML website with Microsoft Frontpage. I learned to build web forums in the Web 2.0 age. And I learned to build mobile apps when iPhone 4 was out. And now, it is time for me to upgrade myself again to Web 3.

Learning made me feel good. My way to learn is by doing, and now by teaching. I trained competitors for the World Skills competition; and launched an online tutorial channel to share programming knowledge.

And I was fortunate to know Project Galaxy. I have been a Galaxy Brain since December last year and love the atmosphere in this community. Members are very kind, helping each other with love and sharing knowledge selflessly. Because I am feeling so good in this community, I would like to further contribute with my skills. I have created the Galaxy Explorer and am very happy to see this tool being favoured by our community, this cannot be done without the comprehensive Galaxy API. Thanks Galaxy team for the great work and help. Project Galaxy is the mentor of my Web3 journey.

It is not easy to come across a good opportunity in our life, so I treasure it.

Nominee 3

Name: Armin

TW Handle: @arminghasemazar

Role: Community Member (Pathfinder)

I’m a highly motivated and detail-oriented engineer at heart with solid academic background in computer science and 15+ years of internationally acknowledged hands-on work experience in energy sector, IoT development, and mathematical modeling/optimization.

I’ve found the underlying values of crypto & blockchain incredibly compelling when I entered that space back in 2017. I bought BTC at 13K & participated in multiple ICOs and not surprisingly I lost all my money at that time, I just didn’t know the rules of play. I’ve witnessed many ups and downs, which all have made more enthusiastic and perseverant. I never stopped learning since then and I must say crypto & blockchain is the future of new era to come.

Back in October 2021, I got to know the Project Galaxy, as the largest Web3 credential data network in the world. I told myself that this is what you need to invest your time and energy on, since it leverages credential data to build better products and communities. I am personally well versed in establishing a strong international interdisciplinary network with exploitation of the intercultural cooperation acting enthusiastically to achieve organizational as well as personal goals. But how? Rule of thumb. Making friends!

I’ve tried my best to help community and simultaneously learn as much as possible. Being awarded with Pathfinder role has made my commitment much stronger, so that I would like to continue contributing to Galaxy to shepherd its community towards more of concrete credential-driven applications. I’m optimistic we can make it happen!

Thanks to my extensive knowledge & experience being mod/ambassador in various projects and platforms, I’ve opened a good communication channel with Project Galaxy’s core team and we together have been working on couple of partnerships with other projects. I believe paving the road for projects to enter Project Galaxy’s massive credential world will still be my number one priority beside helping the community grow and be educated to the best of my ability.

The moment I was told that Project Galaxy has been working on its DAO and Treasury Multisigs, I had no doubt that acting in the best interest of the Project Galaxy DAO by having a spot as a wallet signer is the new area that must explore. I will be trying my best to maintain the community, evaluate proposals that are crucial to the long-term success of the development of Project Galaxy with diligence, and treat DAO’s treasury as mine and make Galaxy to have a more bright outlook for the entire community.

Nominee 4

Name: CuriousJoe

TW Handle: @curiousjoe5

Role: Opendao I am a DAO enthusiast, a researcher at heart, Web3 believer. Ph.D in politics. I am Core Contributor of The OpenDAO, and a member of FWB DAO, and one of the most active Chinese DAO the SEEDAO. I have been Early partner and advocate of Project Galaxy: 1.Long term community advocate: launched 51 OAT Campaigns and Research and Articles (English and first one in Chinese) as partner of Galaxy at early stage 2.Core team members: @opendao, in charge of Galaxy campaigns operation 3.Long term Project Galaxy Partners: Collab since Jan. Qualification: 1.Contributor of OpenDAO from start. Help build governance structure.: Built forum with Metaforo platform. Wrote proposals and helped community members better engage with the governance process through hard/soft consensus. 2.Researcher and writer of DAO governance: Research while building with different DAOs. Esp. How to reach consensus, bounty system, treasury management, etc. 3.DAO enthusiast :Joined and participated activities and governance of different DAOs, like FWB, SEEDAO etc.It is a pleasure if you can vote for me and give me the opportunity to bring my knowledge and experience in building a better community for Project Galaxy, which I have been helped building since Jan.

Nominee 5

Name: Nedicto

TW Handle: @Nedict0x

Role: Community Member (Nexus Mutual admin)

I discovered ProjectGalaxy in July-August 2021 when I was actively looking for a solution to launch a set of NFTs for the Nexus Mutual community. I received great help for ProjectGalaxy’s team and a few months later, in October 2021, I launched The Mutant Chronicles campaign on the platform. At the time, there were very few partners on ProjectGalaxy and it has been a real pleasure to see the platform grow to where it is today.

As of now, I am the admin of the Nexus Mutual Space on the platform, and have 1 or 2 more campaigns in preparation. I am also a user and participating in other campaigns such as Dr. Sol, and patiently waiting for The Arbitrum Odyssey.

Regarding my other commitments in the crypto space, I currently serve as : Nexus Mutual Community Fund multi-signature signer, where the community trusted me to be a signer. Investment Committee at Nexus Mutual, where we look at investment opportunities to earn the best risk-adjusted yield on our 160 000 ETH Capital Pool. To sum-up, I’ve been involved with Project Galaxy since almost a year now as a user and as a Long term Partner. I also believe to be trustworthy since I’ve already been elected as a multi-signature signer by the Nexus Mutual community. I look forward to contribute even more to the success of ProjectGalaxy.

Nominee 6

Name: Calvin

TW Handle: @0xCalv

Role: Spartan Capital

Intro to Spartan: We are one of Asia’s first institutional investors in crypto and were early investors in marquee projects such as Maker, Aave, Axie Infinity, Solana, Polkadot and others since 2018. We raised a dedicated fund to focus on DeFi in 2020 and have supported over 90 projects, and have recently raised a second venture fund to focus on gaming, metaverse and NFT projects.

Our advisory business has an extensive network in crypto, having advised on the Solana, Dapper Labs, Bybit Exchange fundraises, the sale of Blockfolio to FTX and other notable M&A transactions.

Our Involvement in Galaxy’s growth

We invested in Galaxy’s recent financing round (January 2022) and are strong believers in Galaxy’s vision to build out on-chain credentials. We chat regularly with the founders, and have helped out in the following ways:

Providing advice on token launch strategies, tokenomics, and fundraising plans. Referring portfolio companies to create their NFT campaigns with Galaxy. Making intros to various smart contract layer 1 ecosystem partners e.g. Avalanche, NEAR and Arbitrum. Helped spread the word about Galaxy’s products, both during private conversations and on social media. Future Plans

We are long-term investors at Spartan, and plan to continue to utilize our network and allocate resources to help Galaxy succeed.

As we continue to scale our Spartan Labs team, we see opportunities for collaboration between Galaxy and Spartan Labs on NFT campaigns. Continue to collaborate with the team to help with tokenomics, business development, and any other areas where we can provide advice. Continue to refer portfolio companies to Galaxy to create their NFT campaigns. Galaxy is among the most innovative projects within the crypto ecosystem, and is helping create a piece of crucial infrastructure to power on-chain economies. We’re invested in the project for the long-term; if our nomination succeeds, we would love to use this responsibility to help the Galaxy team achieve their vision.

Nominee 7

Name: Fico

TW Handle: @Fico308

Role: Core Team Member

A year ago, with the vision of solving current user credential dilemma by the power of We3, we started Project Galaxy. At the beginning, I did not expect that we can have a such thriving and prosperous community and a project that would have significant impact in the Web3 ecosystem. Companying with Project Galaxy from 0 to millions of users, I deeply understand the importance and the power of our community and I am also aware of the necessity of guiding our community in the right direction. As a core contributor the project, I believe I have the ability to provide help and guidance to build our project and community better.

The journey of project galaxy just starts. I hope I can take more responsibility in the community and make more contributions to a better future. To the Moon.

Nominee 8

Name: Shiyu

TW Handle:@shiyuSQ

Role: Cyberconnect

Intro to CyberConnect CyberConnect is a decentralized social graph protocol that helps dApps build personalized social experiences and bootstrap network effects. The decentralized protocol allows users to own their social connections while providing a composable social data layer for developers. CyberConnect describes a data standard, storage infrastructure, identity, and permissions management mechanism as the foundation of a seamless and secure digital social experience in web3 as well as the topology of a universally accessible social data network.

Our Engagement in Galaxy’s Future Development The CyberConnect team and the Project Galaxy team share the same vision of the future of Web3. Both CyberConnect and Galaxy focus on building the identity data infrastructure for Web3 native applications. Our teams worked together on many projects and campaigns, and we will continue to support Project Galaxy in the following ways:

Help explore experiments and implementations of trending theories such as SoulBound Token Work together on data interoperability to foster the adoption of credential data Cross-promote NFT and credential campaigns Advise on the design of a sustainable tokenomic model My team and I firmly believe in the future of Project Galaxy. We will involve in the future development and support Galaxy for the long term. I will carry out the responsibilities as the multi-sig signer if been successfully elected.

Nominee 9

Name: Hiker

TW Handle: @alirezahiker

Role: Community member (Galaxy Brain)

I have been a galaxy brain since december last year and joined PG around 1 year… since first day i tried to help project and community also i created a telegram channel for galaxy persian community that they are super active and lovely in fact all of the astronauts are amazing and i love the atmosphere in this community and project i’m with community and discord members everday and we talk everyday about project and campaign … i know many friends that they are super active and i saw the names of some of them who nominated (like Armin ,steven ,cryptobob ,…)and this is amazing realy we have a great community and its the beginning for Project Galaxy and we are here for long term not days or weeks …so i would like to nominate my self for multi-sig signer bcuz this is great opportunity for everyone… Good luck astronauts

Nominee 10

Name: Lolovecz

TW Handle: @kristi1372

Role: Community Member (Galaxy Brain)

Before entering crypto i finished College and worked in a small Web Studio, where I gained experience in basic Web Development. My crypto adventure started in 2021. I was active in few other communities before I got into Project Galaxy, I like to communicate with people so i got Pathfinder-kind of roles in those projects pretty fast. However, when i got involved in Project Galaxy i’ve fully switched my attention to it and learnt a lot about crypto and web3 and started helping out newcomers. I got Pathfinder role and then Galaxy Brain role. About a month ago in a preparation to TGE I’ve helped galaxy team to filter out and ban thousands of scam bots to keep the community safe and continue to do so. I am invested in Galaxy token both financially and mentally, because I do believe that Galaxy will take over the both crypto and NFT market, since many companies switch to web3 realising its potential.

Galaxy Team is a great example of hard work and visionary for me, and it would be an honour to be a part of something bigger, something that changes crypto industry. That is why I would like to nominate myself for multi-sig signers. It will be a pleasure for me, a dedicated Galaxy user, to work out and review proposals for best interests of Galaxy community members and holders.

Nominee 11

Name: Mehdi

TW Handle: @mehdi_eth

Role: Community Member (Galaxy Brain)

I am an independent Blockchain researcher, Galaxy Brain, trader, web3 believer and off course an etherean since late 2017. As one of the super early community members, I successfully managed to introduced project galaxy to thousands of people and Provide multiple Updates on Project Galaxy in different stages.(for verifying please Head over to My youtube and Telegram Channels @PersianAltcoiner) I am Also an Active Contributor in Other DAOs including one of the oldest partner of project galaxy , Hashflow, so have a pretty good Idea how things works in DAOs.

I believe project galaxy has been building one of the most important infrastructures of web3 and onchain credentials in the space. As you may Already know, web3 credentials , is our on-chain resume , specially with emerging Soul bound tokens.

considering the above mentioned and My former Activities for the community growth, i am perfectly fit for the position to be a multisig signer to continue My journey by making Useful educational Contents in Farsi and spread the words in Galaxies , suggest some marketing Ideas,introduce project galaxy to other DAOs and help them use our infrastructure for launching their champagnes and more…

I hope the Community Members give me the honer to Do so…

Nominee 12

Name: Mable Jiang

TW Handle: Mable_jiang

Role: STEPN Chief Revenue Officier

This is Mable Jiang - a long-time supporter of the Galaxy Network. I’m day-to-day busy with growing STEPN, but I certainly have spent a lot of time thinking about the product and what could it become. Since the inception of Project Galaxy, I’ve been sharing a lot of ideas to the team and hoping that one day Project Galaxy could be the future Web3 credential data network. Although we are still far from that future, we are definitely getting closer today than a year ago.

In the past, I’ve recorded quite a few podcasts with Harry Zhang, the cofounder of Project Galaxy, to discuss the vision of the project:

I wrote an article about my view of the future of Galaxy:

Here are more tweets I picked that I wrote over the past year about what the credential data network could unlock for people (I will add the links in the next post due to the forum restriction):

As I’m no longer part of the private investor of Project Galaxy, I would love to contribute to the project in another way. Hence I’m applying for this role of Galaxy Community Treasury and Multi-signer. In the future, I will still share thoughts about the space and about Project Galaxy every now and then. I would love to stay close and do something good for this lovely community by becoming a multisig.

Nominee 13

Name: Joanna

TW Handle: @OppsiMhungryx

Role: Team

Hey Project Galaxy Community, Joanna , Project Galaxy Head of Client Relations. I’m here to nominate myself to be part of the Galaxy Community Treasury and Multi-signer to further contribute to both the community and the team.

Project Galaxy foster unique sense of purpose, it’s exciting to be part of the team and community that fills a void in a marketplace.

Nominee 14

Name: Blin.eth

TW Handle: oyyblin

Role: Team

I’ve been a part of the core engineering team at Project Galaxy, mainly focusing on infrastructure and backend. I also go to offline conferences and events in the US to represent and advocate for Project Galaxy.

Before Project Galaxy, I worked at AWS for 5 years and led many successful projects, mostly in the serverless space. I also worked full time as a researcher in a computer networking lab at UC Berkeley, mainly focusing on creating an infrastructure-as-code framework.

My planned future involvement is to still be heavily involved with our engineering efforts, to make our user experiences as smooth as possible

Nominee 15

Name: Mokia

TW Handle: Mokdjani

Role: Community Member (Pathfinder)

I’m a programmer, web developer, and graphic designer. I have 10 years’ experience in web development and because I like helping others, as a hobby, I’m teaching it to students too. These days I’m gaining experience with Web 3 development. I’m working on a statistical analysis and data visualization project for Web3.

I got to know the Project Galaxy in its first days. I liked the idea of the Web3 credential data network and soon became a great fan of Galaxy. As I said I like helping others so I started to help the community through the campaigns. This is mutual communication, I’ve found some good friends and learned many new things too. what a great journey in Galaxy!

Galaxy DAO and Treasury Multisigs are awesome features that bring Galaxy to a new level of awesomeness. every single astronaut can have its proposal and the community can vote for it. you sit on a spaceship and you can vote on where the galaxy can fly.

I would like to nominate myself as one of the multi-signature wallet signers of Project Galaxy DAO. I like to engage more in Project Galaxy, I like to help the community and I think I have the appropriate knowledge and experience for this job.

Nominee 16

Name: Weatherboyy

TW Handle: @cryptoboyy_

Role: Core Team Member

You all know me very well from the time we have spent together over the last 6 months in our community. Its been such a long ride and fun to look back but im even more excited for whats to come and thats why i make this nomination.

Who else to be a key part of the journey with our DAO other than the community lead myself ! Regardless of the outcome though you guys know ill always be there with you to have some fun and help you whenever you need it.

We are in this galaxy together period.

Nominee 17

Name: Calman

TW Handle: @Calman16910515

Role: Community Member (Galaxy Brain) From some months ago,I get to know Project Galaxy,I found it is a very good project that can help everyone get more credential on chain by working hard and being curious of every new project, so I begin to take part as many campaigns as I can in PG. Besides this,I have been keeping promoting PG in my twitter so that there will be more users and supporters knowing about PG and joining us(So far I have posted about hundreds of twitter about PG, this is one of them in the link.

And I feel very honored to be one part of galaxy brain ,and hope that I could be selected as a multi-sig signers.

Nominee 18

Name: Loop

TW Handle: @goldensperm

Role: Community Member (Galaxy brain)

My involvement started in December 2021 ( Galaxy Girl - 2021 End-of-year Rave ). Yesss, I know that this was the beginning of getting into the defi space for many people including me.

Since then I have continued to help others in the Discord chat mainly in #support where many people came for help. And of course, I enjoy helping and chatting with Astronauts.

I believe I will be a good fit for the role because I give Project Galaxy a priority beyond anything else, which means when there’s a proposal, I will meticulously (in a way that pays careful attention to every detail, Oxford English Dictionary ) review every detail of the proposal to make sure that we are on the right path

Nominee 19

Name: Sanyi

TW Handle: NA

Role: Community Member (Galaxy Brain) I got to know the Galaxy Project from Galaxy Girls. During the six months of growing with the community, I have witnessed the growth of the Galaxy Project with some partners/fans. At the same time, as a person who has worked in the web2 Internet industry for 5 years, I deeply know how important the role of user behavior and on-chain credentials will be in the future, and I am also full of imagination for the Galaxy project. I am different from other friends who have made great contributions, such as: jason, steven or jacky. I’m just a person who loves to share. I love sharing everything about Project Galaxy with the community, including walkthroughs, new user guides, and more. I also hope to be able to see you all in the same place in the future

Nominee 20

Name: Tiger7oniku

TW Handle: @tiger7onikulove

Role: Community Member I joined Project Galaxy from the Sol cool event this past February.I may be a little late to start, but I am such a core user that I have already completed 552 campaigns. I am in charge of the Pathfinder role, which provides useful information every day, especially in the Japanese community.As for Project Galaxy’s Discord activity, one piece of evidence would be the data RANK#48 LEVEL27. Note that I have been investing in crypto assets for 5 years and also own $GAL tokens, Metacowboy 1~5, galaxy girl and reindeer, and Dr. SOL. In addition, as my own work, I am beginning to get involved in contract work for web media management of crypto assets, as well as other web3 projects separate from this. As mentioned above, my strengths are my “attachment to Project Galaxy” and my “broad perspective on crypto assets”.If you sympathize my advocacy and want to have a bright future for Project Galaxy DAO, please vote for me.

Nominee 21

Name: Chu

TW Handle: @laochu_eth

Role: Community Member (Pathfinder)

Galaxy is a starting point for me to understand web3. Galaxy’s unique on-chain data interaction method makes me feel the friendliness and unique charm that distinguish it from other communities. Galaxy girl, cowboy, Dr. Sol, the updates of the series of tasks have allowed me to contact and learn more knowledge, and also let me see the vastness of the blockchain world. At the same time, the luckiest thing is that I have gained a lot of friends who have the same views, and they have brought me a lot of happy times.In my limited knowledge of the blockchain world, impatience is indeed the main reason for failure. I hope to see the world slowly build and progress, and I also hope to grow with the Project Galaxy. I would like to apply to be a member of the Galaxy Community Treasury and Multi-Signers, it will be my honor to hold on to my responsibilities and serve the Galaxy community.But honestly, if the job requires proficient English skills, then maybe I’m not up to it. .Of course, regardless of the outcome, I will strengthen language learning in 2022, which is in my plan, and I will continue to participate and support project galaxy. Finally, I wish that everyone can get what they want in this world. Although the process is bumpy, we will win in the end.

Nominee 22

Name: 0xcryptobob

TW Handle: @0xcryptobob

Role: Community Member

I was one of the early users of the Project Galaxy and will continue to be a Galaxy user. I’ve been involved in almost every major Galaxy campaign. I have also participated in the most important campaign of the Project Galaxy (Meta cowboy) and I have succeeded in receiving all 5 Meta cowboys.I would like to participate in the future plans of the Project Galaxy and inform my community about this. One of my plan is to be a way for them to be able to convey their ideas and wishes to the Project Galaxy team better and more easily. Definitely, having a DAO in this way will help the community a lot. My other plan is to attract more of my compatriots to the Project Galaxy and Web 3, and in this way I will do my best to help and support the Project Galaxy.

Nominee 23

Name: Adlabiyun88

TW Handle: @HKMStanley

Role: Community Member

I’m Web3.0 enthusiast, collection of NFTs and participants of multi X2E programs. I’m also holder of the $GAL and various OATs within Project Galaxy!!! Luv all the things here! In real life, I’m CFA and CPA and capable to handle all the treasury work efficiently and create value for the community!!

I’ve command of language of English, Mandarin, Arabic and Japanese, would help to build up the community and network just like the Galaxy Fam and expand the influence in Asian countries especially!


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Project Galaxy will be #1 on Web 3.0 platform. :love_you_gesture: :crossed_fingers:


Wonderful project, this project is very good and this projector has a lot of attractions, so hopefully the project will be better in the future,

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very well … i lost know galaxy eco project and for this very sorry

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Project Galaxy will be #1 on Web 3.0 platform. :love_you_gesture: :crossed_fingers:


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