Verification Capcha to get OATs

Dear support, been loosing crazy time needing to repeat various times in order to validate and get OATs :frowning: We already need so much time to do the tasks and now in almost every claim this annoying captcha that doesn’t work very well?? Please take this down; almost making me to give up of Galxe :frowning: Best and plz listen the community.


Also… constant issues with twitter API’s, especially ‘liking’ posts now often does not get credited and I get tired of contantly mailing Galxe for help, when they can get to it, the credentials have ended. If API’s dont work, crediting this task should happen automatically.


Completely agree with you buddy! Best.

This issue was caused by a change in Twitter’s policy, sir. However, it’s resolved now. If you still experience problems, try clearing your cookies and cache, then refresh the page.

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Don’t worry, sir. It’s resolved now. :blush:

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Thanks very much for the update buddy; best to you as well!